Sunday, 19 April 2009


And then of course for some real trivia about Mara.
  1. The mara is a mammal in South America, also called the Pampas Hare. It's related to the guinea pig.
  2. She's a goddess from Latvian mythology.
  3. Mara means 'hands' in the Aborginal language of Australia.
  4. The name Naomi took after she suffered the deaths of her husband and two sons (bible). It means bitter(ness).
  5. A word in Sanskrit and Pali meaning death-bringing or destroying.
  6. A wraith-like creature in Germanic and particularly Scandinavian folklore, thought to cause nightmares.
  7. It's an administrative region of Tanzania
  8. The first name of the actress Mara Wilson who played the lead role in the film Matilda (I named one of my cats after her).
  9. The last name of John Andrew Mara, a 19th century Canadian politician, rancher and merchant.
  10. A song by Country Joe and the Fish.

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