Saturday, 25 April 2009

Modern Art

Feeding the ducks, geese and pigeons in Hyde Park
Well, my shopping is done (two loaves of bread, apple sauce, custard, two pairs of trousers, two shirts and a cardigan, I got a little carried away...), my photos have all been moved to my computer, so it's time to tell something about my latest trip to London.

First World War Cemetery near Ypres
We left on time on Monday and drove immediately to Ypres in Belgium. After a short visit to the museum and an even shorter visit to one of the 170 graveyards surrounding Ypres we went on to Calais to catch the train to England. Then it was on to Canterbury for a few hours before finally making our way to London. We had nearly reached our destination when I drove into the car that was driving next to me. And we have a saying over here: 'if you do it, do it right'. Well, I didn't drive into any old car: I drove into a Porsche Carrera! Not a great start to the week. Fortunately nobody was hurt and after filling out all the paperwork, we both went on our way again.

The damage to the Porsche

On Tuesday they wanted a trip through London and since I've been in London once or twice, I know my way around well enough. After dropping them off, I was off for the remainder of the day. I only had to pick them up at night, when they were going to the theatre. I spent most of my day walking through Hyde Park, enjoying the sights, the fantastic weather and watching people.

Worcester College in Oxford
Wednesday morning I had to start early again, driving them for about ten minutes and then waiting for a few hours before we were heading to Oxford. They would be shown around by one of the Dutch students studying there, but he ehm, wasn't too ehm, fluid in ehm, talking, ehm, I guess. After only a few minutes the pupils got really fed up with him humming and ahing and ehming all the time, even though he did show us some nice spots, including his own college. After driving back to London we took a small detour via Wembley Stadium, since I didn't drive past Chelsea football stadium or Arsenal, Crystal Palace or any of the other ones.

A small group of schoolboys coming out of Tate Modern
Thursday was a fantastic day. I got to sleep late (9.30am) and do whatever I wanted to do, since they didn't need me that day. I decided to visit Tate Modern and after a lovely ride on the Underground and a nice walk, I got there. I spent quite a long time just sitting on a small bench-like thingymebob and watching people go by. Business people, runners, school groups, Salvation Army (their headquarters are just on the other side of the river), nannies and their charges and of course loads of tourists! When I felt I had seen enough, I went into the museum. The museum itself is located inside an old electricity plant and the building is quite spectacular. However, the art inside it not so. At least not to my eye. I've realised that impressionism, dada, cobra and all other forms of modern art are not my cup of tea. There were some nice pieces, but most if it was just yuk!

Chilling out in Hyde Park
The rest of the day was filled just chilling out, first in a small park alongside the River Thames, later back in my hotel room. Reading and watching television, I loved it. Especially since the next day would be a day filled with pupils and noise and driving again.

House in Canterbury
On Friday morning we left again. From the moment I parked on Piccadilly to the moment I left again, it took about four minutes. Packing 36 bags and suitcases, letting everyone find their place on board and moving off again. And of course, in stead of driving home immediately, they had to stop off first at a supermarket and then at Dover Castle. Then (finally) we made our way to Folkestone to catch the train back to France. Everything ran smoothly until about 15 kilometers before the Dutch border. Then we got stuck in traffic, because of roadworks. But, my colleague was waiting for me to take over and I could go home. Another week gone by...


  1. Oh, my goodness! You drove into a Porsche in a tour bus? Hahaha! Was the driver livid? I can just imagine him crying 'Noooooo! Not my car!! Noooo!' LOL!

    I hope he wasn't too angry.

    Interesting about the tour guide 'ehming' all the time. It's a very bad habit some public speakers have got into lately. Our newsreaders do it all the time and it drives me nuts.

    By the way, I notice you're reading Venetia at the moment. I love Georgette Heyer. I can read and re-read them. She wrote with such wit and humour - and quite good insight into human nature, too.

  2. He was Italian as well! But fortunately he remained quite civil, even though he was really unhappy with me not taking the blame.
    The tourguide was basically a student studying mathematics and philosophy. Not the most articulate of students.

  3. Oh no! Why oh why did it have to be a Porsche?

    Lovely photos, all.. well, except the one of the car. ;P

    I am extremely impressed with your four-minute loading time. That must have been an organized group of kids!


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