Sunday, 26 April 2009


The garbage men doing something strange

You might wonder while looking at this photo, what was so special. Probably nothing much, but I chuckled. The scene took place in London last week. I had taken the Underground to Marble Arch (the one in the background) because I wanted to take some photos of the Animals in War monument. But on entering day-light again, I thought I would first eat my lunch. As I sat on that bench, having my sandwich and my muffin, this small garbage van/car/lorry arrived. I was a little dismayed, because they parked right in front of Marble Arch and since I was nearly finished with my lunch, I had wanted to take some photos of that landmark as well.

But then... The van thingy stopped and the back rose up. The next thing I knew, the doors opened and some of the garbage came tumbling out! This guy had gotten out already and was gesturing and shouting at his colleague behind the wheel to stop and lower the back again. After it was lowered, the van all of a sudden moved back and stopped. And again. Then the driver got out, because he had been ordered to do so and together they got the garbage bags back on the back of the van. This time, they made sure the doors were locked!

The driver got back behind the wheel and lo and behold: the back rose up again! This time the doors stayed locked however and nothing came tumbling out. Then, as the back was up, he drove backward, stopped and did that several times. He lowered the back again and off they drove!

I didn't see the point at all, but at least they gave me a. a good chuckle and b. a good view of Marble Arch (after they left).

View of Marble Arch from Park Lane


  1. Oh, that's funny! I wonder if the driver was a learner at garbage truck driving? Maybe he kept putting his foot on the lever by accident or something? LOL!

  2. The photo with the garbage truck is far more interesting than the postcard view without.

  3. Haha! I had exactly the same thought as Jay.

    Is this what all garbage vehicles in England look like?? (Perhaps you don't know.) This is very different from our big solid trucks.


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