Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Since I sold my car two years ago, I've had to do everything by bike. But last year, on an awful Monday in November, I drove over the backwheel of my bike with my coach and never noticed it. Of course I did notice it when I cycled home that night, after all it was a bit wobbly. At the time however, I was still trying to pay off a big debt and didn't want to spend money on a bike that was still usable albeit a bit dodgy.

Over the last few months though, the wobbly wheel has become wobblier and wobblier and I was becoming afraid of one day just collapsing in a huge heap, probably on my way to work at 2 in the morning! So, I decided to get my wobbly wheel fixed. I just thought it needed a bit of straightening out and that would be it. How wrong could I be! It needs a complete new wheel!!

Because they are busy as well, I won't have my bike for a week or so as well, which causes a bit of a problem, since I do have to go to work. Fortunately they have loaner bikes. So, I nearly broke my neck this morning, because my loaner bike is an old-fashioned one where you have to back pedal to brake! Not used to that anymore...



  1. Good luck with your back-pedal-brake bike.

  2. Ooh, can you say that ten times out loud? Very fast???

  3. Be careful! I'd be a menace on a bike. Never was too good at balancing. Still, going by footpower, pedal or boot, is great for Mother Earth and one's pocketbook, not to mention the waistline!


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