Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Well, I got on the phone again today. And this time I got answers as well: I have to be in the hospital next week Tuesday! Yes!! I phoned my mum after that and now the big logistics game will start. I will need to find out how to get to Bergen. 

Will I drive to the busstation and then take the ordinary bus, will I drive to the local hospital and then take the Health Express (a special shuttle bus between hospitals, equipped with nurse and such) or will I get someone to do the awful thing and pick me up from home at way too early in the morning to take me to the busstation or hospital.

My return home. The ordinary bus is out of the question, so it will most likely be the Health Express, unless one of my colleagues will pick me up and takes me home. 

Then there is Oswin. I know who I can get to look after her, so that is not too big a problem. And she might end up with more food than she bargained for with me again, so I bet she will be happy enough!

And of course there is my Mum. The information I have now say that I will most likely stay up to the weekend. So, would it be wise for my Mum to come on the Sunday or the Monday? And how will she fly? Direct to a place far away or with stops to the airport just across the water from me? The latter is the most likely, but then she will need to come over here as well. Can I find somebody to pick her up or will it turn out to be a taxi? What to do with the key? 

Ah well, we have a week to figure everything out! I will be off until this Sunday, then I will be at work for a day and then finally....


  1. In the States, if you had that surgery on Tuesday, they would kick you out of the hospital on Thursday.
    I like your system much better.

  2. That is a a lot to figure out, hope it all runs smoothly. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hari OM
    It's the 'homeward' stretch Mara and all will find it's schedule, I have no doubt at all! Deep breaths! YAM xx

  4. You must be a tad nervous about the operation and all of the loose ends. All the best to you.

  5. Will be thinking of you as you make plans and schedules for all involved.


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