Thursday, 19 February 2015

Getting up

This is how I would go around a lot
I managed to get get up once on Thursday. Well twice if you count the very first time they hoisted me up and I got so dizzy I had to get back down again immediately. After the blood transfusions though, I got up once more (with a nurse present) and managed to walk from bed to door and back again. 

That night was a bad night. At one point I had taken out one of the pillows under my head but couldn't get it back under once I had it fluffed. I couldn't get hold of the duvet well enough to cover myself, I got stuck in the night shirt and I was in a fair bit of pain. In the end I pushed the button and the nurse came to sort me out. Over the next ten minutes the amount of epidural was coming continually and the pain subsided. The pillow was replaced, the nightshirt and duvet were sorted out and I fell asleep again.

Freshly showered
Friday was a good day. The epidural had been increased, the wound catheter was taken out and I felt on top of the world. So, I walked up and down the hall way, I got my own (solid for the first time) food and was feeling good. The next day wasn't as good. During the night the epidural had finished and was take out in the morning. On the plus side, they also took out the bladder catheter and I was now able to roam the hall way without pushing a pole and holding a bag. Unfortunately the lack of epidural did influence my pain level quite a bit and it definitely wasn't my best day. By night however, we had discovered the right amount of painkillers. And I was still quite proud of myself: I had gotten up every time to eat and whenever I needed the little girl's room.

The royal nurse on the hunt for flies
Sunday I was up and about a lot. Well, inbetween watching the skating and biathlon. I got visitors. I was feeling well. But the best part of Sunday must have been the shower. That heavenly shower in which I could wash my hair. In which I could let the water just fall over me. I really really enjoyed that. Very much!! By then I also was the sole occupier of the room, my room mate had left on Saturday. Which meant open window at night at least. We tried during the day as well, since it was glorious weather, but the big black flies that came in weren't what they wanted in the hospital and I had to close the window again. Ah well.

To be continued...


  1. Hari OM
    ...hmmmm if I had not also had a big black fly visit here the other day, I would have said the painkillers were up too high, cuz this is still winter, but there your go...

    Never underestimate the healing properties of a full shower eh? YAM xx

    1. That's what we thought about those flies, but they were very real and very big and black! Not the best if they land on the food supposed to feed the sick. There was even one that took swimming lessons in my apple juice!

  2. Surgery is never fun, throws your whole systems out of whack and pain is no fun at all. So glad you were doing better and they found the right pain meds to help. Yes, there is nothing like a shower after that many days. Definitely a favorite!

  3. The cleansing and healing power of water! And the right balance of pain killers after a major surgery. And were you standing on a chair after major surgery. You are one tough cookie!

    1. I did think about getting on a chair, but thought I would give it a miss. The nurse however was a bit more agile and she climbed on the chair (and window sill as well) to catch the flies. How could I not take a photo!?

  4. I am so impressed with your grit and determination. No surgery is going to get you down, by the sounds of things.
    Hugs from here...K


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