Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Now, today is the day of my operation. I have never had an operation before. Ever. Not counting the wisdom teeth. I have never stayed in a hospital either. Not counting the half hour or so to visit family or friends. So, this week's experience is a true experience. 

When I remember visiting family or friends, I remember my father in his own pair of pj's, my friend in her own clothes. I was therefore completely set on taking pj's and some extra clothes. And then I was told that the minute I got into hospital, I would be given hospital stuff to wear. Oh! That was unexpected. Ah well, all part of the experience I guess...

Since this is a preposted post, I am not quite sure as to whatever else is going to happen or has happened already. I probably have talked to an anesthesist yesterday, hopefully a gynaecologist. Blood samples? X-ray? You tell me, since I haven't got a clue. It's also part of the experience I guess!

The operation today will be a biggie. No keyhole surgery for me! No, a complete slash, horizontally or vertically. I might suggest both, just to be on the safe side. Then again, I don't want an ignoramus to tell me about how to drive either, so I might just keep schtum and not offend a doctor in the know. Having such a large cut, will mean a lot of stitches I think. I have only ever had three after my encounter with the breadknife two years ago. It's certainly going to be an experience and a half.

New experiences are always (well almost always anyway) good. I hope these fall in that category!


  1. Hari Om
    I'd be no help on the experience stakes as I also have never had surgery of anything. I was wondering last night though, (see I DO keep all my pals in my prayers and thoughts!) whether it would be keyhole or not - and you have provided the answer here. Not that it makes a lot of difference in recovery time to be very honest - my sister (Mac2) had the procedure a few years back and despite keyhole work, was still out of the count for six or seven weeks. In a way, the slash and stitch version will be more of a reminder not to take things on too early!

    Hoping that you are reading this after the even and feeling already that it has been very very very much worth the experiencing... Hugs and healing ethers to you, YAM xx

  2. Yes you will be given a gown to wear and they are not fun. You have no secrets to the hospital staff! Hopefully it will all run smoothly and you will heal quickly. Hold a pillow tight to your incision when you need to cough. Getting up and moving as soon as you can is the best but don't overdue it. Everything in moderation. Your in my thoughts.....

  3. Sending healing thoughts and great pain meds to you!

  4. Prayers still coming your way. You're a toughie! (not toffee :) ). Hospitals are all the topic of conversation in our house this week. My beautiful niece with whom we went to Hawaii last summer, is hospitalized (it will be a week tomorrow) with undiagnosed seizures.
    Blessings on you, my favorite cheerful blogger.


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