Saturday, 1 March 2014

Up, up, up!

After a day spent car part shopping and visiting the bank and another day that I spent on my own shopping for a car, yesterday we finally managed to do something together. I decided to take Pepperfly up to Steinsfjellet. I climbed that hill/mountain last year (here's the link) and knew it was doable for me. As for Pepperfly: she walks nearly every day so should be completely fine.

Not quite there yet, but I needed a rest
First we took a bus into town. Then another bus to where we would start our ascent. I had to stop and rest several times, we took photos, we commented on the nice or not so nice buns that came running past us, we enjoyed the view and the company. There weren't many people on the trail and we couldn't hear anything but our own breathing (my wheezing in particular), the wind and the occasional bird in the distance.

Going down before the last bit up
Sun, trees and lakes, snow-capped mountains in the far distance, mud and rocks, losing the trail and finding it again, realising the tower was further than we thought, ducks and basically a good hike. We went up, we went down, we went up again. 

Pepperfly took a shadowselfie while I trudged up!
When we finally reached the car park, we still had to walk up to the top to have the best view yet. By that time Pepperfly was still in as good a shape as she had been before we started (grrr), I was however feeling the climb. My lower legs were protesting against all this going up and even my head was starting to protest. I did persevere however. 

I made it up my second walk to Steinsfjellet!
What goes up however, must come down. And we were very up. And the busstop was very down. So, after a few minutes rest, we started moving again. A proper road that just went down and down. A little bit up again and then down the rest of the way. Right to the busstop. Where we had to wait half an hour for the bus, since it was ten minutes late! 

We had decided to treat ourselves with a nice meal: fries and burgers! Oh, and how good they tasted! Until I realised we needed to catch a bus. Because if we didn't catch that bus, we would have to wait for nearly two hours! Alas, we didn't have enough time to have our MacD meal and catch our bus. So, we ate in peace and then went outside to ponder our predicament. I was tired, my knee hurt, my lower legs were burning and I so wanted to take my shoes off!

In the end? We walked! Yes, you read it correctly: we walked. Not all the way home, that would have been ridiculous (that would have been about 6 miles and we had already done 7)! But we decided that we would try to walk to the other busstation and catch the bus. We had after all 30 minutes! Fortunately the road was down hill and we managed to catch another bus that would take us to the busstation where we could take our bus. Home!!!


  1. What a great area. Fab photos.

  2. Love the pictures! So glad you went for that walk, it's so good for you to be out and about, even better with a best friend......

  3. What a great workout for those new boots. Beautiful photos! So happy you could enjoy the hike.


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