Monday, 31 March 2014


The fabric: a deep burgundy red
As you may know, I am not one of the worlds' shoppers. I mean, put me in a bookshop and I am happy to spend an hour or more there, but clothes shops are different. But even I need to go in one on occasion. Because it's a cold country here and I need to keep myself well covered. 

Today however, I went shopping for a different reason. If you remember I spent last year's Constitution Day in jeans and a sweatshirt. Which stood out like a big red sore thumb in a sea of neat toes. And I knew I had to do it different this year. So, when I was on holiday in the Netherlands only a few weeks after that, I bought fabric and gave it to a friend of my mother, who then proceeded to find patterns and then made the most beautiful outfit. 

Home made lace! I have such a clever Mum!
The most beautiful outfit was missing a few components though. Like shoes. And you can't just use any type of shoe, no, they have to be black, in my case low-heeled and have a silver-coloured buckle. I would also need stockings, preferably white. I needed knee-length bloomers that would have to be tied with ribbons instead of using elastic. A white underskirt. An undershirt plus another shirt with long sleeves that peep out from underneath the sleeves of the top. 

I needed a brooch to hold the thin shawl in place. Earrings to add some glamour. The lace necklace, lace bag and cotton and lace cap are still being made, but should make it to me in time. A corset or something similar was deemed by me to be a bit too much, although some nice new undies...

One of the tricky parts: closing the front of my chemise. Fiddly!
Anyway, I got most of the list. The stockings will have to come from erotica'r'us, since they are nearly impossible to find. The underskirt will have to be made by yours truly, but I don't think that should be too much trouble. The bloomers have been bought, but are not what I would prefer. They will have to do for now though. The long-sleeved undershirt is a bit harder to find. Any ordinary blouse would do basically, but without a collar, so I have some searching to do still. 

One thing I can tell you though: shopping is very tiring!


  1. I am like you ! I only go shopping when I really need some clothes, I hate doing the boutiques or stores for that ! You outfit seems very complicated, I just can't figure it out. Is this a kind of traditional costume ?

  2. Hari OM
    Oh lordy gal, I'm with you; shopping is generally a totally as needs basis for me. However, this is seeming like a worthwhile project and one is full of anticipation of photos of the complete outfit!! YAM xx

  3. Internet shopper I am. At my age and weight do long as it is large and does not bind I am happy. Your outfit sounds like it will be just beautiful. And your mum is truly special.

  4. You are going to have so much fun and your outfit/costume sounds so amazing. I can't wait to see you in it!

  5. That kind of shopping sounds like a chore for sure.

  6. I only really enjoy thrift store shopping.


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