Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The mystery

Did you ever see that episode of Friends where they find a switch and don't know what it is for? They nearly destroy the wall to find out and still don't know. I have a mystery that is the opposite, although... 

If you look at the photo of the front of the house, you can see a high light on the left. And since I moved in, I never used that light. I would have liked to, but the light switch wasn't working at all. Same for the other outside light. Although that would work. Occasionally.

Was it wrong to assume that both those switches control both outside lights?
Then last week, the light was on. I didn't even notice immediately, not until I went to bed and wondered where the light came from. And for a whole week, I wondered how to turn it off. Because the light switch that was there, wasn't working. 

Well, yesterday I finally found out. The switch in the hallway I always thought belonged to the (non-existent) light in the hallway was not for the light in the hallway. It was for the outside light. 

The house I live in is a weird house. I have more storage space than I know what to do with. The floor slopes. The main heater in the house faces the staircase and doesn't do too much good in the living room. I can touch every single ceiling without standing on tippy-toe. And light switches are found all over.

It's big. But it is not even near the other switches!
PS: I didn't turn the light on. When the man-in-the-know was here, he brought wife (woman-in-the-know) and children with him. One of the small people must have done it. 



  1. Hari Om
    (smothers giggle) Oh Dear, mysteries at bedtime...(I am NOT giggling)... YAM xx

  2. You have a lovely house. Weird, though. That's right. Especially the heating. But otherwise: lovely. I loved the guestroom! Ghosts and all. ;-)

  3. Ghosts, says Pepperfly. So why didn't you blame the light on the ghost? That would have been something at bedtime.
    I just hope that the mysterious wiring in your house is as safe as it is puzzling. Wouldn't want any harm to come to you.
    Luv, K

  4. Mystery solved. I think it would be fun to live in your house for awhile.

  5. Love that episode on Friends!!! That's a funny story. Crazy place for the switch but I like the light outside.

  6. Anyone can live in a normal house. Only unique folks have unique homes!


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