Sunday, 29 July 2012

Small pleasures

You thought I was a nice person, didn't you? You know you do, because in principle I am a nice person. It's just occasionally that I am not that nice a person. Although most high school children will probably say I am never nice! But that is an altogether different matter.

Anyway. Picture the following if you will: I am driving along the motorway in a large bendy bus (ie articulated bus) which is absolutely filled to the rafters with about 100 people. Standing room and all. All of a sudden a car overtakes the bus, which in itself is not a rarity, I get overtaken a lot, but this car was different. I was in the inside lane and he was in the outside lane. As soon as he had passed my bus however, he slowed right down, annoying everyone behind him. He then proceeded to get into the middle lane and then in my lane. After which he had the nerve to slow down to about 70km/h (around 45mph). So, I flashed my lights and they speeded up again.

They didn't speed up a lot though, only to about 80km/h (50mph) and the girls in the back were looking at my bus and pointing at the sign. I gathered they didn't quite know where to go for the festival they wanted to go to and since I was going to the same place, the figured they could follow me. While driving ahead!

And then the little devil in me awoke. It sat on my shoulder, poking the little angel with a very large stick and gave me a glorious idea. I knew which exit I needed, they didn't. So, since they were in front of me, I wouldn't signal until they were past the point of no return and then get off at the exit. We arrived at the exit, the girls in the back still looking at the bus and when they were past it, I signalled and got on the exit. They braked, but of course there was nothing they could do, save endangering themselves and everybody else on the road.

Honesty commands me to tell you however, that they did beat me to the festival grounds, because they just took the next exit: it was sign-posted from there. It was still very funny though. The guy next ot me thought so too!


  1. Nice work! Sometimes people are just asking for someone to do that to them. And, really, you weren't so bad.

  2. Good girl or bad girl, that's the question :) ! But now you can enjoy your holidays ! What I am actually doing in Eastbourne !

  3. I love this. Sounds like I'm driving with my husband and he can not stand those people who just have to pass you yet slow down after the pass!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun thing to do. Some people deserve it.

  5. Well done! I hope no-one was following too closely, though . . .


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