Friday, 13 July 2012

Mostly planned

Bergen is known for the rain.
Let's hope it stays dry during my stay!
Well, the hotel is booked and so is the flight. Originally I was due to leave on the 20th, but the hotel was full that night, so I changed my flight (for only €5,00!) and now I am leaving the next day. I will be staying in a hotel in the center of Bergen for a week and will do everything zebra-like or with public transport. I will send an e-mail to Tide Buss as well, saying I will be in Bergen for a week, so we can also plan our "intervju".

In order for me to actually be able to talk during said interview I have also booked another Norwegian class. Again for 20 hours, but this time a different (and a bit more expensive) company. On Monday I will have an intake/first lesson to see how far I am and what is needed to get me to the B1 level.

So, the plan is coming along nicely. Two more weeks of work (well, sort of, there's not much to do due to the holiday), then a week off properly, a week of Norwegian classes, a week of Christian Youth Festival goers to England and then a week off in Norway. Busy busy busy!


  1. Wow, you sound so busy you make me want to have a nap!
    Good luck with the lessons, and especially with the interview.

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  3. Wish you good luck in Norway ! It can't be worse weatherwise than here ! We are off to rainy Amsterdam now for the weekend.

  4. We stayed in Bergen a couple of years ago, down by the harbor and fish market. We had only a little rain. It's a fascinating city. Hope you have a great time.


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