Sunday, 1 July 2012


I was clueless aged 20!
I did look good in yellow though....
According to my friend Pepperfly, I am now waiting for the 'Meaning of Life' (which comes at age 42), but this year will be the 'Clueless Year'. For some reason. Now, since my friend Pepperfly is a bit older than yours truly, I trust she speaks from experience and is just giving me her wisdom. If not, she is just a big meanie and knowing her, she can't be. Not really anyway.

Clueless? Well, I have been called worse!


  1. Clueless but gorgeous! Wat een leuke foto!

  2. Wow ! what a beauty ! You still have the same features !

  3. I hope your year of 'The Meaning of Life' will be better than mine, considering mine was also 'The Year of the Big Burnout'...I don't mind if 43 turns out to be without any clue. (But WITH some energy again!)

  4. Clueless is a very strong way to put it although we should gain some wisdom with the years.

  5. Love the photo. We have all been clueless and in many ways we still are no matter the age!


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