Thursday, 31 May 2012


You can see the stairs in the middle of the photo!
This week's prompt is Stairs and I knew the exact photo I wanted: the 100 steps at Mizen Head in the South of Ireland. Alas, a lot of photos were found, but not that one. So, I had to keep on looking and I decided on another set of steps: 162 this time, which can be found at the stairs at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

My father and sister 'flying' up the stairs
Now, I have written about the Giant's Causeway before (during my ABC period), so I am not going to repeat what I said there: I will just give you the chance to read it again by clicking here! When you walk down from the parking lot to the basalt columns, it is a normal roadway. Tarmacced and down hill: easy. However, if you do the walk around bit, you end up at this set of stairs with 162 steps! I counted!! I was gasping for air when I got up on top!!! The view however was fantastic, even on a cloudy day.

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  1. No steps for me thank you! They'd have to hire a crane to get me up there.

  2. If you want to climb up steps you can come to Waterloo and try the 253 steps up to the Lion !

  3. I could never climb them but it looks like an amazing place!

  4. Deze is nog stijler als die bij ons.

  5. This looks like a slippery challenge, but one I would be willing to take if only for the view at the top!

  6. i'm impressed that you still remember that number of steps. must have made quite an impression. i'm sure you felt your calves :-)


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