Thursday, 17 May 2012


This week's prompt is Mother, probably due to Mother's Day that was held all over Europe last Sunday (apart from the UK, who celebrate it in June March (thank you little sister) for some reason). As I said before I will not post photos of my family or friends, so a photo of my own mother is out of the question. I did find another one though.

When I was in England in April, we visited Wimpole Hall and this time I went to see the farm instead of the house. And there were mothers and babies everywhere! Calves, lambs, piglets, chicks, you name it: they were there. In this photo there might not have been any babies, but there certainly were angry mothers: hissing at the big bloke who was taking their babies (ie the eggs) away! To no avail though: the eggs were taken, either to be sold or to be hatched elsewhere!

This is my nineteenth entry for Photo Theme for Thursday. Why not join?


  1. We see a lot of Canada Geese around here. I wouldn't like to try to steal their eggs.

  2. They can be so protective. I have seen them chase people before!

  3. Plezante foto van een echtpaar dat hun territorium verdedigt.


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