Friday, 4 May 2012


Debby was at a bit of a loss when I talked about candy floss, kroketten and frikandellen the other day, so I thought a post was due to explain all. And since I have already made a post about the latter two quite some time ago, you can just click here and be transported to the explanation. (This is going to be short post now)

And then the candy floss. You might know the term Cotton Candy, or Barbe à Papa (Daddy's Beard), which is the French name, or Suikerspin (Sugar Spider) which is the Dutch name. And just to show you I really love those, I have added a photo of me eating one in Eurodisney several years ago. Mmm...

Told you it was going to be short!!


  1. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. Yikes, all that sugar, and it gets in your hair and on your cheeks. But hey, if you love 'em, enjoy 'em! ;)

  2. It's been years, but I used to love those silly things when I was young. "Cotton candy" in Canada, by the way.

  3. I totally forgot about that other post. I have a very bad memory so don't be surprised if I ask you again someday. I'm going to try to remember the candy floss as Cotton Candy. That kinda fits and even Daddy's Beard fits but not sure about Sugar Spider. I think it needs to be Sugar Spider Webs! Thank you for explaining them to me. I do love Cotton Candy.

  4. Ohhh, suikerspin. Can't remember the last time I tried to eat one, but I still remember the taste. Luvly. As for kroketten, the cheese version by Van Dobben for me and frikandellen are a no-no (although I used to really like them when I still ate meat).

  5. I hear that you should always floss (your teeth) and eating candy floss.

  6. Mmmm...I love cotton candy! So do Lily and Emmy. :)


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