Tuesday, 5 October 2010


A few weeks ago I read a blog and saw a link to our very own Dutch shop 'Hema'. This shop started as a cheap shop where they would sell everything for a quarter (or a multiple of that). Of course the prices have gone up over the years, but they still sell good products for not so high prices. Something often heard by Dutch expats is: I don't miss anything, apart from the Hema. You can get anything from baby clothes to plates, from sausage rolls to make-up, everything being their own brand. 

So, about this link. Well, when you click on this link, you will get to one of their product pages. Wait for about five seconds before closing it though!

PS: forgive me: I can't remember where I first saw it!


  1. Somebody was having way too much fun when that site was designed.

  2. I saw a version of this a couple of years ago - this is updated, I think. Excellent :-)

  3. Oh, what fun!
    I'm forwarding the link to Dick's computer. Who knows? He may want to shop there before we start our drive around the coast.
    -- K

  4. What a cute web page they have. I love when people come up with things like that!


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