Saturday, 2 October 2010

The shopping experience

See how those shoes curl up at the front? Yuck!
My parents have declined offers to go shoe shopping with me since I was only 16 or 17 on account of being too difficult! And why? Well, I want my shoes to be:
a. black
b. low heeled
c. wide
d. no boots (don't fit my calves)
e. no laces or velcro
f. no buckles
g. nothing to do with Suske and Wiske shoes
h. quite closed
i. leather on the outside
j. and on the inside as well!

So, when I managed to find two pairs a few weeks ago, I was really happy. Until I tried one of those pairs on and they just weren't comfy. When I kicked them off again, I noticed I had forgotten to take the cardboard out!

Lovely red and slightly curly short hair
Something else I am not too fond of is getting my hair done. I would love some colour or lovely flowy curls, but fortunately my hairdresser knows better since I:
a. squeal when they wash my hair
b. squeal when they brush my hair
c. squeal when they put a perm in
d. squeal when they pull my hair through a swimming cap to make streaks
e. squeal when they put a hot towel in my neck.

So, nowadays I just stick to having it washed (gently, they know me!) and have the dead ends cut out.

When all my clothes were still bought for me!
And what about clothes shopping? Well, I won't even go there. Looking at what I'm wearing now: the shirt used to belong to my sister, the jumper I found on my coach, the socks were knitted by my maternal grandmother and my trousers are really comfy but not the height of fashion. I went shopping with my Mum once and she took photos after every outfit was tried on. There was a dress we both liked, but it didn't go up to my size exactly. Later I was told I looked like my paternal grandmother!

So, is there anything I do like in the shopping department? Well, stick me in a large bookshop like Waterstones or Eason's (Ireland) and I can spend hour upon hour in there!


  1. I find the internet a great place for shopping though sadly I can't get my hair done there :-)

  2. I'm a bit of a hunter. I usually know what I want and either find it or don't. But I don't much like browsing around just looking for the sake of looking.

  3. I agree with jabblog, shopping the internet, once you know how the clothes fit, it the best way to shop. You do have your issues. I do love getting my hair done! I like to shop at Woman Within however I don't know if they ship to your area.

  4. I'm a bit like you when it comes to having my hair done - I hate it! Is that a cute picture of you in mummy's shoes? A

  5. I hate shopping with people because I am a bit picky too. I hate to be rushed because I have to try on and think about everything I buy.

    I love bookstores and craftstores. Gimme a coffee and I'm there forever.

  6. Come to Canada a.s.a.p!
    You'll fit right in here!
    NOBODY cares about what kind of clothing you wear! Or what your hair looks like! And finding your shoes won't be a problem here!

  7. You sound just like my Emmy with your hair! She will not let me touch her hair most days! You should see the tangles she gets. :(


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