Sunday, 9 May 2010

Paris 1

Our Caravan

It was cold on most days (see photo in last post), it was tiring every day, but most of all: it was fantastic! My parents and I arrived early afternoon on the campsite that we would call home for a week. Half an hour later my brother and his family arrived as well. And a few hours later I picked my sister up from the airport and the whole family was complete. We tried to unpack our suitcases, but our rooms were fairly small so it was easier leaving it in the suitcase and taking the stuff out when needed. We made our beds, ate pizza and the first day was over.

The European Wild Cat did not like my niece. It's a good thing there was glass between them...

On Saturday we had gotten some leaflets of the things to do (apart from Disney and Paris) and we found one of a feline park not far away. I was a bit worried it would be one of those papa and mama parks with two lions and a tiger in small cages, but my worries were completely unfounded! Nearly every feline under the sun had found a place in that park and the only cages we saw were big enough to hold several animals easily and sometimes you really had to search for the cat! If you're ever in Paris and cannot be bothered to visit that Eiffeltower yet again, go and visit this park! A great hit, also with my nephew and niece (who are 5 1/2 and 3 1/2).

Dutch Girl sitting on a tulip in 'It's a small world'

But, kitty parks are great, but the main reason to camp down close to Paris was to visit Paris and Disneyland, so on Monday we packed up both cars with adults (6) and children (3) alike and headed off to Disneyland. Well, anyone who has ever been to any of the Disney parks around the world will know: it's a truly magical place! Everywhere you looked there was more magic. An occasional glance of a princess or Winnie the Pooh, Captain Hook or King Louis, I loved it. My sister and I decided to do the park together, after we had lost the rest of the family. We saw Snow White, Peter Pan and my absolute favourite: 'It's a small world'. I wanted to go again, but my sister said no (we went twice more on Friday, don't worry). We saw a fantastic car show as well, but by then even my liver was cold! We managed to catch the parade and after that we met up with my parents again and went back home. All very very cold...

To be continued...


  1. That trip must have been the cat's pyjamas.

  2. It's a small world is always fun.
    I went to Disneyland twice last year. Haven't been to Paris. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. (I love where you are staying but I never pictured seeing that in Paris)

  3. @Anvilcloud: funny you should say that: I did have my cat paws pj's with me...

    @Just Breathe: we stayed on a campsite about 45 minutes from Paris (by train).

  4. QUESTIONS answered! well done! Informative.

    ROG, ABC WEdnesday team


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