Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It might be photos!

As I got home yesterday I found a notice from the postal services. An undelivered package. Well, it had to be from my sister in Northern Ireland who has sent me some knitting booklets and all of her Paris photos on a stick. She probably paid extra so she would be sure I would receive them. The postal service would try again today.

Well, in a stroke of luck I was home when the mailman called. And instead of a small and flat package (that I had expected), the box was huge! And the sender's name didn't really ring any bells either. Until I saw Misfit scribbled somewhere.

Misfit has picked up on my challenge to find the perfect summer dessert and sent me a recipe a while back. Of course not a metric size in sight, but more importantly still: ingredients that I had never heard of! I figured out the one, but the other? I thought it might be jam (which is what American jelly is called in Europe), but couldn't find the version I would need. I looked in France: no luck. And I was about to make it with strawberry jam instead of apple jelly.

Well, now I don't need to, because in the box were a lovely note, a beautiful postcard, the pancake mix I needed and the apple jelly!

Misfit: you're completely mad, but I love it. Thank you so much, the cake will be made this Saturday!!!


  1. What a great surprise! I'm looking forward to reading about your baking this weekend!

  2. Don't you just love all the great people that inhabit Blogworld?
    What a great surprise!

    Have I told you I made the lemon desert you published a while ago? It was delicious and I had to give the recipe to the people that dined with us that evening. I served it with raspberries and creme fraiche. Worked well!

  3. That's adorable of her ! I am very lucky here in Waterloo, we have an English store here in Waterloo it's like a little Tesco. And a very big one near the Airport in Brussels they are called "Stone Manor" ! There I can buy just like in the UK and they have Jelly too !

  4. What a surprise! I bet that dessert is gonna taste wonderfull!

  5. Oh how lovely! People can be very generous, can't they? :)

  6. Must admit I use Bisquik myself. Nice story.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. You must tell us the recipe. Bisquick is fun!


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