Friday, 21 May 2010

German invasion

I can always tell when the Germans have a holiday coming up. This weekend is Whitsunday weekend (the day Christians celebrate to remember the holy spirit coming down). And apparently it's also the beginning of a holiday in Germany. Judging by the amount of German cars I saw on the road while trying to drive back home.

Two out of three cars I saw had German numberplates on them. There were caravans, campers, trailers with boats, bikes and canoes. Cars loaded with people and stuff. All going up to the Waddenzee, the Dutch islands and the Frisian lakes. Of course I got stuck in the middle of all that traffic and changed to a secondary road to beat them. I don't know whether I did, but I managed to keep driving that way, which can't be said for all the Germans and the few Dutch also trying to get home!

Anyway, I did manage to get home in the end. And by home I mean of course the bus lot. Fortunately the coach wasn't dirty, so no cleaning necessary and I finally could go home. My real home!


  1. We call Whitsunday Pentecost in the US. I have to sing in the choir in two church services this Sunday. I doubt that many people in the U.S. even know about Pentecost! I was surprised to read about it on your blog!

  2. It fun to hear where others go on holiday. It's like spring break and people head to all the beaches around the United States. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I didn't know that Pinksteren was called Whitsunday or Pentecost.
    Are you sure you weren't driving in Germany when you saw all the German cars? Cause the sign says Oberhausen and another German city that I can't remember the name of now. Anyhoo, you are right though. You should see the Bloemetjesmarkt on Goede Vrijdag in Groningen. As if Groningen has temporarily been moved to Germany.

  4. I am sure I was driving in the Netherlands. But the only photo I have of a car with German numberplates (which say KÖT by the way) was taken in Germany. Hence the sign Oberhausen!

  5. We don't have too many foreign invasions here. Most Americans never get across the border, even if they live about a stone's throw from it.

  6. I love things like that. Would have been giggling all the way home, hehe. Need glasses, thought it said KOT which isn't half as funny ;-)

    Love the little bumblebees. Cute!


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