Thursday, 21 May 2009

Feline Friday 13

Normally when Wuppie gets to go outside, he checks in about every half hour or so. But a few years ago, he didn't. And after about an hour and a half I got quite worried. My neighbourhood houses some animal haters who wouldn't hesitate in using cats as footballs or lassoos, so I was quite anxious to find him asap. But when I stepped outside it became quite clear to me, no thug or villain had gotten hold of him; he had gotten himself in trouble!
This tree stands across from my home and is a fairly large tree. That wouldn't be a problem if the first branch were quite low, but it isn't. It's really high. And on the first branch was Wuppie, trying to catch a bird! Every time he got close, the bird would fly up and sit on another branch, really taunting Wuppie. When Wuppie wasn't trying to catch the bird, he was trying to get down, but it was too high up for him! He was miaowing a lot, but he didn't dare jump out. (A cat has to see where it's going, so getting out backwards isn't an option)
After another half hour of that, I had started looking for a ladder, but to no avail: all ladders were to short to even come half way! Now, my mother has always said, that come dinnertime, most cats will make their way home again, so I was hoping for that. I wasn't at ease though and after another fifteen minutes I decided to try and find a larger ladder. Wuppie had other plans though: he was already hungry and had decided to jump out of that huge tree anyway!


  1. oh Wuppie!
    was he ok?
    oh my soul!
    did u actually see him jump!
    I think I would have had a Heart attack!
    and what does "wuppie" mean?

  2. I didn't know about the backwards thing, but i guess that's why so many get stuck in trees. However, we once had a cat who would scurry up a pole in the backyard, and he didn't mind coming down the same way -- back end first.

  3. Wuppie doesn't mean anything. He was supposed to be called William, but we felt that was too formal. So my mum thought of Wuppie!


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