Friday, 17 April 2009


Whenever I do a foreign trip, it's always nice to have some sort of program so you can prepare yourself a little bit. Even if it is a trip to London, a city where I've been a few times before (I've lost count) and can find my way around. So, when I receive a program existing of: Ypres and Canterbury on day one, Tesco's on day five and to be confirmed on days two to four, I'm not really impressed. To say the least.

The important thing I do know though: where I will be staying (quite close to the center of town), so chances are they won't need me to do much driving. Which means more free time for me (fingers crossed)...

Monday morning I will be leaving for another five day trip to London (not the A+ with gold star one, that one will be in May) without much of a program but with 33 high school students and three teachers. I will be fine!

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