Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Step by step

As you know my goal for this year was to reach (at least) 790.8 kilometers and so far I am doing fine. The goal for the first month is getting in sight and I still have about two weeks left of this month! Not that it is all plain sailing. 

For the past few weeks I have changed the source of the walks from the forestry commission to a general network of walks. And not one of those walks has really met the standards of the forestry commission. Missing signs, vandalised signs and last Saturday I found half of the walk was closed of, which was not mentioned online.

I could understand the why: to give migrating birds time to rest and come spring, time to nest and raise their young. Apparently. As the path was closed from October 1st until April 15th. Not many birds have raised their young by then I think. 

Anyway, that missing part was annoying to say the very least. I had done the worst or ugliest part first, so I could end up by walking along the dyke and see plenty of birds in and around the river delta. I had been looking forward to it. So, when the gate was closed and I read the sign, I was a bit peeved off. Had I known it in advance, I would have picked another walk elsewhere.

Inflatable rubber dam that is used in case of high water.
Another walk I did, saw me lose my way three times. Fortunately I knew the general direction of where I was supposed to go, so I did find it again, but if it had been in a place where I knew nothing, it would have been a different matter and taken the enjoyment out of the walk.

The one thing that is bothering me sometimes is the knee. It keeps hurting after longer walks, although it is now recovering quicker than it did at the beginning. And as I tell my parents: whether I do a three, five or nine kilometer walk: the pain is the same, so I might as well do the longer walk.

Photos were taken on the walk where a part was closed off. It was cold that day and the sky grey with snow laden skies.


  1. I hope the knee holds up o even gets better.

  2. Hari OM
    Do you strap your knee? It's amazing what a little light support can do. Sounds like you are well on the way to your goal though and that is highly commendable. I fear I have missed three days out of the last seven on my pedals... hey ho. YAM xx

  3. I was gonna ask the same question YAM asked. I wear a brace on my right knee. It never really bothers me walking around the house everyday things but for sure on different treks I need it.
    It really looks cold..
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Knees the hurt are the pits. Mine no longer give me problems walking but ortho doctor wants me to limit walking so as not to wear out the artificial ones. The first replaced knee is already 9 years old. Now that last photo the foreground has an interesting illusion. The waves and the foliage give the effect of a music score! It is ok if I say klem instead of hugs. I like that word sound better. Klem

  5. True about the longer walk if the knee is the same regardless. Way to go! I know you were disappointed but your walking and that's awesome!


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