Friday, 1 September 2017

Brom and Mouse go on another long trip


I haven't written for a while and there were things that happened, but we decided to enjoy rather than write, which I think is a very good idea! Anyway, we went on another long trip. And guess what: it was just as long as the other trip!

Waving at the other drivers
Mara had decided to take it a bit easier and leave earlier than the original plan. Especially since she couldn't sleep anymore anyway (at 5.45am). In the end it was only 20 minutes earlier though. Mainly because she couldn't find where we were going! So, after we had started driving, she had to pull over after a while to find it properly. 

It looks quite nice now, but we actually had (light) rain most of the way
The first stretch led us east and then north. The bad traffic jam trouble we had last week however was nowhere to be seen and we cruised past Bremen. Time for a toilet break and some coffee (both Mara, me and Mouse know how to behave when traveling). We then continued towards Hamburg and again: cruising! Yes, there were roadworks, but we were outside rush hour and before we knew it, we had passed Hamburg as well. We had another stop for petrol and then we were going again.

Mara decided however, that since everything seemed to be going so smooth, we could stop for a warm dinner (in the middle of the day!). We were told to look out for a restaurant, but when we saw one about 40 kilometers from the German/Danish border, Mara said it was a bit too early. About 80 kilometers later however, she felt that it was time and we got off the road. 

There was meat! But Mara said it tasted really nice.
Mara had saved up some Danish kroner (they are part of the EU, but chose not to take part in the Euro) and paid most of her dinner with it. The rest she had to pay by card. We asked her how much it had been and she didn't know! How can she not know?! Anyway...

Royal bins at the parking lot
On we went and soon we got to the first of the larger towns that could cause trouble. But no, no trouble whatsoever and we had soon passed it. Then came another one and there was the sign: Traffic jam! Well, if all traffic jams were like that, we wouldn't mind, because yes, we had to slow down, but we never ever stopped! And we only lost like 5 minutes in all. 

We have our beds Mara, you just have to find somewhere else...
Soon our final destination for the day came close. Mara slowed down a bit, but in the end, we still got to the port in good time. In fact, we got there at 4.45pm when the ferry wouldn't sail until 8pm! So, Mara got out her knitting to finish our latest friend. She didn't quite manage it waiting in the check-in line, but once we had checked in, she continued and well before we were able to embark. 

We got to our cabin at 7.45pm and after a small cold meal and some television, Mara turned everything off, stole our pillow and went to sleep. At 8.30pm!! But, we didn't know she had to get up very early again, because the ferry would get to Stavanger in Norway at 6.30am and we needed our breakfast before then. 

Our total for the trip. In kilometers!
We finally got home at 8.45am. Right now Mara has unpacked everything but her suitcase (tsk tsk). She had to find room for several things and rearrange some cupboards, but everything is tidied away. 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my Bears, Brom, you surely do know how to travel well and now you are showing Mouse it's done too... even it meant having to share a pillow. Besties don't mind that! I am glad that you all had a wonderfurs time and that you got home safe without sinking the ferrie with the overstuffed Cookie!!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Didn't you read? SHE stole our pillow!!!! And Cookie wasn't that heavy. And Mara only fibbed a tiny bit when she told the border person there was food food and food in the car (there was a bit of drink in there as well).

    2. ...WHAT??!!! YOU HAD NO PILLOW AT ALL??? Well that is just plain ridiculous... I think you should pack your bags and come stay with me for a while, in protest. I'd show you round my piece of the Bonny Land and you would have your very own golden pillow to sit and lie on wherever we went... (I guess the only fly in the ointment with that idea is we'd have to ask Mara to organise your travel... hmmmmmm, whaddya reckon?)... huge huggies of sympawthee - YAM-aunty xxx

    3. Well.... I did stay at Gera's last year without Mara and had a grand time! Perhaps she will let me travel again this year, as long as I am back in time for Christmas!

    4. ...oh yes, it's impawtant to be with the nearest and dearest fur Chrissymouse... Okay - if you feel brave, shall I arrange this with Mara? You could come to me in company with all the meeses who are making the trip very soon... Yxx

  2. So glad to hear that you all made it home safe and sound.

  3. OH, you were like the three mouseketeers! Great fun and safe travels.

    1. Well, apart from the fighting and stuff. We got home safe and sound. We are nearly back to normal now.

  4. You all had a great adventure on your return trip. We're glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

  5. What a great trip! And the dinner looked delicious! Ghostwriter says she hasn't been to Germany since 1976! I always ask her if there were any dinosaurs wandering around when she was there. (Well, that's a long time ago if you're a doggie!)

    1. Definitely worth a revisit! I would usually go there (or travel through) at least once a year, but since living in Norway, last year was the first time for a visit and this year was driving through only.

  6. That's a pretty long trip. Good thing you are young AND an experienced driver.


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