Monday, 25 September 2017

A Sunday drive

Let's go!
Seeing how Brom is still living it up in Scotland with Yamini and her friends and family, Mouse was feeling a bit lonely. So, we decided to go out for a drive through the country. I had wanted to take photos of certain things for quite a while now, but I had never got round to it. Sunday was the day!

The oil platform.
Would love to see inside it!
First we drove to a small island off the coast of Haugesund (via a bridge) to take photos of a huge oil platform. It needs some overhauling and work and such and they do that there. We have had several of them before, but I think this one is the biggest. I can even see it from my tv-room! 

Please please, can you tell Brom to come home soon?
The next stop was the listening tree. We all know that some people talk to trees and hug them and sit in them and all sorts, but I bet you have never heard of a listening tree! Well, we have one. Because, it has an ear to the ground. Well, it has an ear close to the ground anyway. Mouse went right up to it and whispered into its ear. Perhaps with a good wind it will go all the way to Scotland. 

I love his toes!
In the park across the listening tree
After that we drove for a while longer. I wanted to drive a road I had only partially driven once before, but never the whole stretch. It was lovely and calm and every time we stopped, you could hear the birds and rustle of the trees and for some reason a cockerel (we were close to habitation). 

It might look quite dreary, but the temperatures was quite nice.
Because most trees in the area were either evergreen (pine and such) or birch trees, the autumn colours didn't show too much. Either because leaves were already down or because they were still green. The heather had finished mostly I think, because the one plant we did catch had only three tiny lilac flowers left. 

We saw a sign saying 'no tipping' and in the same area we saw an old hammock, empty bottles, kitchen cabinet and further junk. It's free to bring it to the recycling center, but for some people that is not enough apparently. Mouse was not amused I can tell you!

Honest, there are three (or four) tiny lilac flowers in there!
After all that, we made our way to the garden center. Miss O tends to need food on occasion and the container was emptying fast. So, new food it was. And then I saw a nice little plant. Tiny, but that's fine. If all goes well, it will grow! I needed some earth as well though and some terracotta pots, because there was a plant I had already that needed a bigger home. 

Left back I got last year for my birthday and is still alive
Right back I got two weeks ago (same as left back, but with flowers)
Front is the one I got on Sunday
I had bought some terracotta saucers as well and needed to smash one of them. Of course just dropping them on the kitchen floor didn't do the trick, so in the end I threw them at the brick house wall outside! Now I had smaller pieces with which I could cover the holes in the pots. Then there was the fiddly bit with the earth, but in the end I had a nice grouping. 

There were some yummy raspberries at the side of the road
It was a good Sunday afternoon. 


  1. Hari OM
    that was a fine drive indeed!!! Mouse - you just wait till next Monday when you read more about trees... Don't fret, Brom has not forgotten you, but he is enjoying his time here. Mara - you bought a spider plant... it will surely grow and, provided it is the female of the species, it will also provide lots of babies which you can plant on and give away - because they are like rabbits when they get going! I had them all over my garden in OZ and used to always keep them before that in Edinburgh. Next to impossible to not keep alive!!! YAM xx

    1. Well, I kept the other one alive for more than a year, so I am doing something right. And before I lived in Norway I always had plants. Although some plants (well the pots really) were attracting a certain pussycat... I will try and find a photo!

    2. ..ppssssssttttt.. Mouse! you should drop by my place today for some FFF... jus' sayin'... Yxx

  2. It looks like a splendid daytrip and followup afterward.

  3. Ohhhh Mouse a nice ride around ending with delish looking berries
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Yum on the raspberries. Looks like it was a fun day with some great sights to see.

  5. Sounds wonderful. Nothing a little riding around to brighten up one's day.


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