Saturday, 7 May 2016

The house

This will be the last time I will directly write about the little red cottage in the Norwegian countryside. Or more specifically its owners. Now, I had payed a deposit three years ago and of course wanted that back. I had checked my bank account several times, but as of today it hadn't come in yet. And then she called.

We met up soon afterwards and she payed me back the money owed, with some interest and some money as a 'we've done wrong with the water-thing'. Not much, but by now I was so fed up with her and her house that I just wanted at least that money that was mine and then never see or talk to her again. 

And then she came up with another doozy. I mean really: she must be on something or other, because how could anybody think that was a normal thing to do. First I want some financial compensation because I hadn't had water in over a year. She kicks me out (be it three months or five days, I was kicked out). Then she wants to remain friends? What was that about?? And today she offered me the house back once the water was okay! 

Come on, really? Did she honestly think I would move there again? With her as a landlady?

Glue. Or perhaps marker pens. Perhaps her water is bad and affecting her brains. Whatever it is though, I turned her down. I will find a place of my own and love it. 


  1. It must feel good to stand up for yourself like you did. Well done.

    1. It does. It only took over 40 years, but I am finally standing up for myself!

    2. That's wonderful, Mara. Better late than never. It will help you do the same in the future.

  2. Some people! Glad you are being assertive in this!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hari OM
    HAH - go gal!!! ACtually, she did you a favour in this - it made the final severance! Onwards and upwards. YAM xx

  4. She can't be that bad because she gave you your money back and that with interests ! Here mostly people have to go to court to get their money back, the owner always finds something to justify that he has the right to keep the money. And if you get it you are lucky if it is not after a year.

  5. I know you loved living there and I'm sure it may have been a little tempting but you made the right choice. Glad that you got your deposit back. Praying your find the next perfect setting to live in!!!


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