Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Gently down the stream....

Our first year, we came 2nd out of three
I am the one with the hat
That's how the song goes, doesn't it? In our case though, the gentle part is replaced by the forceful part. What am I talking about now, you wonder? The annual rowing race of course! Isn't that obvious??

Well, it mightn't be to everyone, but every year some of my colleagues and me take part in the rowing race organised on May 17th. Which is Norway's national day, to celebrate their first constitution and their independence and such. 

Year 2, we came 1st out of 2
Out of the three times our company has taken part, I have been part of the team three times as well. As a cox or the steering/yelling lady who makes sure everybody does what they are supposed to do. We always row in the mixed league and that means at least two people of the opposite gender have to row. Ie, two men in boat full of women or two women in a boat full of men. The cox can be either. 

This year though, one of our ladies became ill and the other has shoulder problems. Which means neither could row. Only one rowing lady left and me as the cox. Which in turn meant that I had to give up my seat at the helm and take over the rowing from the lady with the shoulder problems who can steer.

Year 3, we came 2nd out of 2
Last night was our first training. And miraculously, it went well! I kept time with the others, even managed to talk. Wasn't sure about how I would feel today, but so far, so good. Yes, I have blisters on both hands (they will be taped up, before I don my gloves) and I can feel my back a bit, but otherwise I am fine! 

There will be more training sessions this week, although I am quite busy from tonight onwards and then next week: ROW, ROW, ROW, ROW, ROW...


  1. Hari OM
    Always a fun event - you'll still wear your hat though, won't you??? YAM xx

    1. I probably will. Just to stand out a bit. Although, saying that: they are all packed away and I haven't got a clue where they are.

  2. Great fun! Happy training and good luck.

  3. Oh ... I remember that hat from last year. You will wear it again this year, aye?

  4. Keep on rowing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Oh what fun to have the opportunity to out row the other teams!

    1. Well, we will do our best! And with a bit of hard work and a bit of luck...

  6. Wow, should be interesting. Enjoy your training and looking forward to hearing how you do and just maybe you will be 1st this year. Great workout too!

  7. Good luck with that.
    Crazy landlady, two posts back.


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