Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Brom does the trikk


I bet you didn't expect me here today! Well, it was a surprise to me as well, but it was a lovely surprise. Because we took the plane to Oslo today. So, we caught an early flight, went on a very fast train and then went on a trikk. Or a tram in English. 

'Our tram'
First Mara had to get photos made, but because we were very early, we had to wait for nearly an hour for the shop to open. Fortunately Mara had her book and there was plenty to see in the street as well. When the photo place finally opened, Mara had her photo taken and after the man fiddled around with it for a long time, we could finally leave and go to our real destination. 

The Dutch Embassy
We didn't take the tram this time, because it was so close. Instead we walked. Well, Mara walked and I enjoyed the view. After only ten minutes we arrived at this big big house. It was the Dutch Embassy. Because we are going on a really nice holiday later this year and Mara's passport was about to become invalid, she had to get a new one. 

Det kongelige slottet (or the Royal Palace)
The appointment was for 11am, but we were very early. The lady said that she could help us immediately however. There was another man who had an earlier appointment, but he didn't have a photo or a paper saying he lived in Norway or the document he had to fill out. So, he had to go away and it was our turn. Ten minutes later we were all done!

My favourite fountain of the day
Because we were so early, we did some sightseeing. Mara had been to Oslo before, but I hadn't been allowed to come then, so this time I got to see a bit as well. I saw the castle where King Harald and Queen Sonja live, a fountain and a flower market. 

Don't you just love orange flowers?
It was only a short visit though and we had to leave pretty soon again. Mara wanted to take another tram back to the train station, but in the end she walked all the way. In total she walked nearly 10 km today and she doesn't know where she did that. She is silly sometimes!


  1. hari OM
    Hei hei Brom - what a delightful little fast trip - just did the trikk to cheer us all up it did!!! Well done to Mara for the walking too - that's the thing with sightseeing; the metres klik over without our ever noticing them! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. I wasn't too happy with the walking though, it really hurt my knee! Fortunately we only went downhill though.

  2. Crikki ... That was some trikk, aye? 10K ... You had a pleasant outing Brom and Mara didn't break her training session. How good is that?

    1. I still don't really know how it got to be so much, but I guess 500 meters here and 800 meters do add up!

  3. Great to have company on your trip, Mara. Safe journey home!

  4. Oh, Brom with your leg length, that would have taken so long for you to walk that far. So nice of Mara to carry you!

    1. Oh, she is nice! And she only lost me once. But I was safely in her backpack then, so she didn't really loose me!!!

  5. HI THERE BROM.... this was a surprise... a GOOD one...
    WOW that Fountain is GRRRREAT... very exciting to the eyes...and OH the Flowers... they go WELL with your..Furs.
    Glad that Mara got all that taken care of so Efficiently.


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