Thursday, 19 May 2016


Now, with all this running and cycling and rowing and walking and other physical stuff I am doing at the moment, I almost forgot the biggest party in the world. The Eurovision Song Contest of course! And this year it was not only broadcast in Europe, but also in Australia (which takes part now, don't ask), China and yes, even the United States.

I found my favourite in the first semi-final: Austria with a beautiful song in French (again, don't ask). Mind you, I think more than half of my points went to her dress as well, because it was just gorgeous! My other favourite was Douwe Bob from the Netherlands, who sang a country song, the only one in the whole competition.

There were a few weird things, like the astronaut, a hoop with two people in it which didn't make any sense and a song that just a lot of 'ponk' noises. But overall, it was quite a muted affair. 

In the end, one of my 'right below the favourites' songs won. Ukraine with 1944 which tells the story about how in 1944 the Russians came to the singer's family's home, took them away and put them in one of those horrid camps. They were gypsies as far as I could tell. It was quite a dark song, but she sang it beautifully, both in Ukranian and English. 

Numbers two and three were Australia and Russia, both with really good songs. There were some songs though that climbed up the ladder that I just didn't get. Armenia had an awful song (in my ears anyway), but they did quite well by getting to seventh place. Spain decided to go back to the roots of Eurovision and had a lot of lalalalas, it landed them in 22nd place. France sang in English this year and had a really good song, they finished sixth. 

And my favourites?? Well, Austria came 13th and the Netherlands came 11th. 


  1. Hari OM
    I have to be honest, after initially watching the semis I was not at all excited this year and didn't watch the final! I am really surprised at the winner; a fair enough song but not at all 'for Europe' IMO. Didn't actually think much of the OZ entry either - though was very surprised to see them there again... but it IS BIG downunder. Oh well. Next year could be interesting... YAM xx

    1. The top three were right below my favourites. Then again, I have yet to pick the winner.

      I do agree it was all a bit bland this year, but I love it anyway...

  2. Eurovision is just not the same without Terry Wogan commentating over here
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Some of the songs were wonderfully strange but entertaining in their own way.

    1. Oh, wonderfully strange is just the right thing to say!

  4. The songs are not showing up "Not available in your country."
    Glad your enjoying your Eurovision......

  5. We were not familiar with this but we enjoyed it.
    Oh Mom saw a license plate MRBROM1
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. We don't know about it either!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Crikey Mara're very diplomatic. Australia in Eurovision ...... that's just plain WRONG!!!!! We watched the final and thought the winner deserved her win. The song was dark, as you said, but she did a beautiful job of it, aye??

    1. Last year was supposed to be a one-off, but apparently they did such a good job they were allowed to come back. Albeit in the semis, so they had to qualify first!

      If you want undiplomatic, read the posts I wrote about Eurovision in earlier years. I decided this year I wouldn't rant!!


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