Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Lady Lindy
When I was twelve I was invited by my friend Miranda to come to her house after school. I said hello to her mother and then sat down on the left side of the couch. It could have been the right side, my memory isn't that clear. Now, I didn't sit completely in the corner, so there was enough room for the little family dog they had. He was only young and loved attention. He sat down next to me. In the corner.

I wasn't used to dogs. We never had one when I grew up and nobody in the extended family had one either. Nor did any of my other friends. And when the dog sat down next to me, I was quite alarmed. So, I moved an inch or two. The dog didn't think that was a good idea. He wanted to be physically connected to me and moved an inch or two as well. 

I think I was at Miranda's house for about an hour that day and by the end of that hour, I sat in the opposite corner, nearly being pushed off by the dog. Who only wanted to be cuddled!

Lady Linette
Needless to say I wasn't a dogperson. I am not as afraid of dogs anymore though and actually spent several nights in the same room as Lady Lindy. Plus when a dog comes up to me, I will stop and let him/her smell me and on occasion I will even pet a dog. 

I am however a catperson. And as soon as I moved into a place of my own, I got myself two. When I moved I got another one. Number four was irresistible, although he wasn't with me for long. And finally I got Linette. 

Linette is still living at my friend Pepperfly's. Although she will soon change her domicile for the eternal garden in the sky. She has only 2 proper teeth left, one working lung and is continually loosing weight. It is sad, but I know that she is at the perfect place. Mr Pepperfly is even prepared to take time off in case she gets worse. Now, that is my kind of catperson!

Second Blooming
This was belatedly prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie and Gretchen at Second Blooming.


  1. I am also a cat person, presently without a cat. Sorry about Lindy.

  2. Hari OM
    Cats and Dogs are as individual as people...some you will like and some you won't. There is nothing like being loved by a furriend, regardless of it's 'nationality'! Sorry to hear of L's diminishing. YAM xx

  3. I hope you enjoy every day you hve left with your cat.

  4. I'm so sorry about Linette, Mara, but I'm certainly glad Pepperfly and her Mr. are caring for her. You can derive comfort from knowing she is in good hands.
    And I can't believe you were ever afraid of dogs. The first time you met Lindy, in the hotel lobby, the two of you became immediate friends. And you took her for long walks, including the one at Lake Louise pictured here. Wow, I never would have known.
    Lindy is snoring loudly right now, but as soon as I get up from my computer, she'll be expecting to share in my breakfast, so I'd better get going.
    Luv, K (and dog-hugs from L)

  5. You have been blessed to have such a wonderful friend in Pepperfly!

  6. Love cats, too. You are fortunate to have Pepperfly to care for your sweet kitties.

  7. Oh, your cats have all been so sweet! I loved reading about them when you were at your old place. They will always have a special place in your heart! Thanks for linking up this post. Is it possible that there will be another cat in the future?

  8. Cats bring so much to our lives. I am not looking forward to when my currant cat heads for the catnip field in the sky.

  9. Ah! Sweet Linette. Bless her heart. Our last sweet cat was old as the hills and stayed sweet until the end. I'm sure she's having a very happy life.


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