Friday, 25 April 2014


Model of Dublin (probably current day Temple Bar)
I left on Tuesday. Got in a taxi to the airport, from where I took a plane to Oslo. I waited a few hours and then took a plane to Dublin. From Dublin Airport I took a bus into town. Unfortunately I hadn't remembered to write down the trainstation I needed and wound up at the wrong one. So, I took the bus back to the one I needed. 

No trainstation in sight! I wandered about for five minutes before I asked. 'Well, it's just over the road!' I walked and walked and finally yes, there it was. I was about three meters in front of it. But I had made it. The train to the North went once every hour and a half/two hours or so. And of course I had just missed the other one by my travels through town. So, lunch it was!

The wishing tree at Navan Centre
After lunch I made my way to the platform. Had to show my ticket twice, for some weird reason. Then we drove for about an hour and a half towards the North. Had to show my ticket once more to the ticket controller. When I got off the train, I had to show my ticket again to get out of the station! Hm. But, at the station my sister was waiting with her car to drive me to her home. 

Later she drove to Belfast Airport to pick up my friend Pepperfly. We were ready to go and have a lovely holiday. Well, you read about our first day at the pottery. We didn't spend the whole day there, only the morning and in the afternoon we went for a little walk. Day two was going to be spent in Belfast. We would do some shopping and we would see the sights. Because even though I have been in Northern Ireland before, I have yet to see Belfast!

Part of a mural close the restaurant we ate in.
So, after a lazy breakfast we made our way to Belfast. Parked the car, walked into town and hit the shops. First off was a souvenir shop, where I bought a lovely Irish flag (and a British one as well, they were so cheap). After that it was bookshops. A book about the Muppets and some books I have wanted for quite some time now. I wasn't feeling happy though. 

I had woken up with a slight headache and during the day that headache had become worse and worse. But I still wanted to see Belfast! So, we decided to go back to the car to get rid of the shopping, then go back into town for some lunch and then do the sightseeing. In the end, we skipped the sightseeing and went back home. I slept in the car, I slept on the couch. 

And guess what? I have yet to see Belfast!!

This is my haul so far. Most bought, some gotten (like the Belleek and the small orange topped tin with 'stroopwafels'). Good thing I brought my big suitcase. Although missing in the photo is the knitting work my sister wants me to do (a very big bag) and the little bag containing the last of the items for my May 17th outfit. 


  1. That's a surprise ! I didn't know that you were spending holidays in Ireland ! Sad that you couldn't see Belfast yet. How long are you staying ?

  2. That's quite a mural. Coincidentally, I have also posted murals today.

  3. Sorry you had a headache. Hope it is gone completely. Looks quite the haul for someone not feeling too well. Maybe some spirit knew you need to save some extra coins for a yet to be discovered adventure. Thanks for sharing your trip in photos!

    1. Well, today it was better, but not gone completely. Part of the haul was done on day one. And some things I had bought earlier and had sent to my sister instead of to me (cheaper that way)

  4. Hari Om
    hope the headache went after all that sleeping.... and that's a mighty swag already!!! Belleek is lovely and I fully get why you like it. Aitch and Lady Vicki are arriving with me any minute now - holidays all round the place!!! YAM xx

    1. I love Belleek and have several pieces at home as well. I really love their vases, but this is actually a plate of Kylemore Abbey, where I have been several times. A belated Christmas present from my sister.

  5. Well now you have a reason to go back. Sorry about your headache. Love what you bought, some fun Christmas movies and Frozen which I hope you really like!


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