Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In other news...

Apparently helmets cause headaches. Don't need a helmet to do that!!
*The cold doesn't seem to get any better. I have had a stuffed nose all day.
*I finally had my summer tires fixed to the car. When I offered to pay, he told me to have a nice weekend. I made my way out of there quickly. Thank you tire change man.
*After eight months my Norwegian driver's license is finally ordered. I knew the Dutch DMV was slow, but this was just ridiculous! Good thing I didn't need to drive internationally, because I wouldn't have been allowed.
*The weather here is gorgeous. Cold, but gorgeous. Very windy, but gorgeous. Did I tell you the weather is gorgeous??
*Tomorrow is another day of Sunday driving: Labour Day! An official day off, yet I have to work.
*And on Friday it will be another trip to my GP. Great!


  1. Do you maybe have an allergy. Glad your weather is gorgeous. We are having strong winds right now. We get what is know as Santa Ana winds from October through May, either winds or rain. Not much rain this year. Our Labor Day is in September. Glad your getting your new license and good luck at the GP.

  2. Hari OM
    what's that you say? Gorgeous!!! YAM xx

    1. And even gorgeouser today: no wind!!

    2. Meanwhile our one-day summer is long gone... at home with DVD's and LV cuddles it is then...

  3. Oh ... and thanks for not making me type in those stupid numbers to make a comment. You'd think some bloggers were guarding the secret to life.

  4. Aha! I just realized that my original comment didn't take. Here it is. Tada!

    Maybe we will get over our colds at the same time.

    My nice tireman charges $45 to do the job for free.

    It was gorgeous here for a couple of hours a couple of days ago. I remember it well.

  5. The helmet suits you very well and even protects your nose against colds, lol ! In Belgium too we don't work on Labour Day, it's also an official holiday and everything is closed !

  6. I have heard of helmet hair but not helmet colds. You have been and are going to be very busy.


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