Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Unfortunately one of the pots cracked and was a lost cause!
As you know I have several fruit trees in the garden. And when the fruit is ripe, you have to do something with it. So, I picked all the blue plums (not that many) and made two pots of blue plum jam and a pot of blue plums in red wine sauce. I then went out and started picking the red plums. Filled one container after the other before I got the bucket out. Which I filled twice! 

There is also that many on the ground in my garden and probably that many still on the tree. Although, while I was picking, a flock of birds had already taken up residence and was feasting away as well. Besides, someone came and stole plums. About half a carrier bag. And then wanted to pay for them, which defeats the stealing tastes better than paying purpose. (I knew who they were, they had asked permission to steal!)

On Sunday I made more plumjam. Nine pots to be exact. They are all about half a liter (a pint), so they are quite big. But I have to admit, it tastes really nice. I only used a masher, so there are quite big bits in them, but I like it like that!

I still have about half a bucket left and have been trying to make plum pie as well. With custard. I finished one cake yesterday (the eating part), but it's only a four piece cake, so it sounds worse than it is. I've decided to take the remainder of the plums into work, since I am getting pretty fed up with plums. 

Tomorrow I will start on the apples. They are not really eating apples, more cooking apples, so it will be apple sauce and apple compote. I might keep some plums, just to make some apple and plum compote. 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my goodness - you will look like a plum by the time you've finished that lot! At least the jams will keep and when you miss them again, you can refresh your memory &*>

    ...and am thinking about apple and cinnamon muffins... (just a hint!)

    YAM xx

  2. Hm....I guess we will have to swap some jars when I come over...yum yum yum!

  3. Wow, you have been so busy and now you have apples too!

  4. Apparently you have secret talents ! I don't even know how to make jam !
    I am still at the Lake Geneva but the weather became cool 13° ! Friday we leave stop at Reims and then home.

  5. Certainly a way to get through the winter that is to come. Not sure if you've heard but others are doing their best to help Norway through the winter: http://www.africafornorway.no/ ;-)!

  6. My you have been busy! I wouldn't have the first idea how to make plum jam -- but I bet it tasted good! I haven't visited you much in the last few days. We've been snowed under with drs. and dentist appointments as well as lunch appointments for three days in a row. And we're not through yet. But I'll be back.


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