Sunday, 15 September 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-24

Well, here it is: my new haircut! I gave the hairdresser free range and I think she did a wonderful job. I will be going back to that hairdresser's next time! I think I look pretty spiffy and my colleagues had the following to say:

*NOW you look good (with the emphasis on Now and implying that I didn't look good before)
*It takes ten years off
*What have you done? (He might need glasses, I thought it was pretty obvious)
*Very pretty

Of course all in Norwegian, not a word French amongst the lot! Anyway, I am away for a few days and will be returning tonight. With lots and lots of photos of course! I will have dressed down (or up as the case may be) and up (with my new funky red shoes and red lipstick) and I will have met lots of colleagues from the other branches of Tide in Norway (and perhaps even Denmark). 


  1. Oh yes!!! I like that hairstyle! You look great!

  2. It looks good. You look good. You look quite fit.

  3. I love it! I agree it does seem to make you look younger.....

  4. Hari Om
    As a newcomer I feel unqualified to comment in relation to the 'old you'. All that can be said is I like this very much and it is suitably Norwegian!!

    Hmmm red lips and feets? In for a treat then? Have a great time. YAM xx

  5. I love your new haircut! I might have to go that short again, too!

  6. Nothing like a new hair style to put a lilf in one's life!


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