Friday, 27 September 2013

My life 2

Gooseherding is not on my cv
When my friend C was over for a visit last week, she asked me: what was the best job you ever had? It required some thinking, but I did come up with an answer. And decided it would make a perfect post!

The best job I ever had, was the touring job I had while living and working in the Netherlands. Taking people to see different places around Europe and making them (hopefully) fall in love with that area. I got to drive a lot and to see a lot as well and absolutely loved it. For the most part. 

Not exactly the stage, more like the waterfall in the pool
I am in the middle
But hold on, wasn't the best job the job in Italy? Well, yes actually! I grew up on Sicily. It was the first time I ever yelled back at a boss and it empowered me. Before I was quite a shy person and it would take a while for me to come out and ask people ordinary things. But after that, I was a lot bolder. Besides that, I worked with lots of people and met lots of children who were always fun. I danced on stage, I played the clown, I was tanned and thin and in shape. I loved it! For the most part.

One of my favourite view points with the bus
Because the job I have now is fantastic! The surroundings here are beautiful and it is a joy to see the sun come up over the mountains and the mist over the sea as I am driving to my first pick-up point. I still get to drive a lot and hopefully make people smile, which is a lot harder in public transport I can tell you!

All the jobs I had (with a few exceptions) were great. Because I realised quite early on: if I don't like a job, don't do it and find another one. No need to miserable!


  1. Your header is beautiful and your advice very sound.

  2. Sounds like you have had some really interesting jobs. Way to go! Also I agree that people riding a bus to work, etc. is much different than people riding a bus for their vacation!

  3. Hari OM
    That's the way! I have also had a variety of different work and it makes for an interesting life. YAM xx


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