Monday, 16 September 2013


I was away at the weekend. Stayed at a hotel in Voss. Spent Saturday getting soaked. Wore my new dress and shoes and lipstick. And I attended a gala dinner. All in honour of the Tide Games (pronounced Teeduh Games) which were being held in Voss and saw drivers and office staff from all over the country come together and try their hand (or foot) at football, ticket machine throwing, old fashioned relay and precision driving. I participated in the latter two. But some of my colleagues from Haugesund were also in the football and the ticket machine throwing. 

There were prices to be had for winning the football, ticket machine throwing, old fashioned relay and precision driving. Plus best costume, best supporters and several others. During the gala dinner the prices were doled out, some got cups, others got a large thing containing something. The best precision driver was somebody called Robert. I think. The best football team was from Trondheim. The best costumes were worn by the nuns and sheiks. And the best hat? 

This was the hat that won
Photo taken earlier this year
Well, the best hat didn't have a name. It was just the hat from Haugesund! And since I was the only one who had worn a hat that day... I had won! Completely unexpectedly I had won! They had actually made it a category after seeing the hat: they thought it deserved a price! I was in shock walking up, I was in shock walking down with a large plastic container containing nearly two kilograms of Toblerone chocolates!!

Get your hands off my chocolate!
Now I am just wondering what to wear next year, I can't wear the same hat twice...


  1. Wow, all that Toblerone, and just for you. I agree, the hat needed a category of its own, and a prize. Wonderful!
    Going away for a few days this week, to a Blog Fest on the west coast of the US of A.
    Involves planes (with Dick's Airmiles) and trains (Amtrak) and automobiles (renting a car for $15 a day, hooray)!
    Leaving Wednesday, back late the following Monday.
    Be good while I'm gone.

  2. Sounds like fun! And you're looking great!

  3. How exciting! I love the hat. What a surprise and now you have all that chocolate. You do lead an exciting life, Mara.

  4. Hari OM
    What? Toby-let-'er-alone? 2kgs of if it? You dooo know that turns to 20kgs once eaten? Which means it has to be shared. The sharing lightens the load and the weight gain is magically transformed into half the choco weight. Magic is important around chocolate - after all, this lot was won by a magic hat!!!! It looks warm and fun and I want one &*> (Hat, not chocolate...)

    BTW - you look spiffy in the black and the new hair. Sounds like a great event. Is this what in UK used to be referred to as "the busman's holiday"?

    YAM xx

  5. I love that hat! And I would not share my chocolates, either! ;)

  6. That looks like a fun time and how cool to win "Best Hat" just look so adorable in that new haircut!

  7. I'm surprised they didn't boo you for wearing Dutch colours. ;)

  8. You are looking great! And congrats on the hat choice!

  9. Great fun! Maybe come up with a traditional hats that goes with one of the Dutch costumes, Volendam, maybe ;)


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