Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dressing up and down

The first time anybody talked to me about legwarmers, I didn't know what they were going on about. And then I found out that all the girls would be wearing them during the Tide Games. Which meant that I would have to make a pair to wear. So, I got out my knitting yarn and needles and started. Yellow and green stripes. But, since I can't knit with a round-knit needle, I had to think of something else of putting the things together. Buttons!

Not quite what I went for in the end, but you get the idea
Apart from the legwarmers I had decided to take my royal orange hat (the winner) and my orange/red/white/blue boa with me and wear those. And when we got to Voss, we got a blueish t-shirt and a green raincoat. Plenty of colour to wear. My teamleader and roommate had dug up her fantastic grey afro wig, found a pair of sunglasses (it rained all day), green raincoat and donned her pair of legwarmers which were yellow! We looked fantastic and got lots of comments and smiles. 

The evening however was completely different. They really do dressing up over here in Norway. I saw fantastic full-length dresses, I saw a dress that looked very like mine (and she had similar shoes as well) and plenty of lovely cocktail dresses in all colours. The men came dressed (mostly anyway) in suits with ties and it all looked very glamourous. Of course I wore my new red shoes and new black dress, trying to look as glamourous as the rest!

The evening wasn't just used to dole out prices for football and stuff, it was also to honour the best team, teamleader, planner and there was an open class. Unfortunately our team, teamleader and open entry didn't win the gold bus (as it was named), but we had a good night nonetheless. There was a comedian/singer and after a really nice dinner there was music and dancing. I went to bed early though, since I was quite tired from being outside in the rain all day. But I had great fun.


  1. Oh yes, skip the legwarmers and hat, stick to the black dress and wonderful red shoes (I'm so glad you got those shoes).

  2. So glamorous in the little black dress and red shoes! As for the leg warmers, you could probably start a new fashion with buttons down the sides!

  3. Love the leg warmers! Interesting that they like to dress up in Norway when they have a chance. It seems more and more people go casual anymore, wherever you go.

  4. Hari OM
    I'm a leg-warmer fan and will have to set to knitting when I finally land back in Scotland... you've given me a design idea!

    ..and never mind 'trying'; you DOOOO look very stylish and gorgeous Mara, the perfect style for you! The red shoes and lippy really set things apart. I love that you had a 'formal'; as Footloose says, too many folks nowadays opt for the term 'smart casual' and the standard of that leaves things way to wide.

    Would have been fun to drive that humdinger of a bus though!

    YAM xx

  5. Love the leg warmers you made, really cute! Your black dress and shoes is lovely and it looks great on you. Sounds like a fun time.


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