Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The garden

It's official: it's an apple tree!
I live in a smallish house in the Norwegian countryside. Actually, the house is probably bigger than the house I used to live in in the Netherlands, but the way it has been laid out is such, that I haven't even got half the room I had in the Netherlands. The garden however is a different matter. It is definitely bigger. A lot bigger. A whole lot bigger. 

Since grass has the tendency to grow for some reason and I refuse to have a goat roaming about near my apple tree, it falls on me to actually make sure the grass is walkable height. Of course you could say grass that is about a foot high is also walkable, but that's not an option if I ever want to have a garden party! So, I got myself a lawn mower and a strimmer and set to work. And then yesterday I had to do it all over again. 

I started around 11am. I was finished by 4pm. The main reason being that I only have one battery to my mower. I also got into fights with the apple tree, since it looks lovely, but its lower branches are as the word implies: low! I had to empty the grass catcher time and time again. I had to battle through the flies/mosquitos/creepies that fly around. And to top it all off: my mp3 player conked out! Fortunately only a dead battery, but still...

Spending the better part of five hours working in the garden while the sun was glaring did make me tired though. And I still had to work! I am glad I did it though, since today was a miserable day, with rain and drizzle and more rain and more drizzle. 


  1. An apple tree!! How nice. Now you can have apple pie or make it in a cookie crumb crust if you don't like to bake. (I don't).

  2. Yes, maintaining a large garden is not going to be easy. Do you have a hat to protect you from the sun? Glad you got the lawn mower and an apple tree sounds lovely.


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