Friday, 14 June 2013


No trip to Florence for me this year!
In Norway (like in the Netherlands) they pay out holiday money. Giving every employee a paid holiday. Which is fantastic. And even more fantastic is the fact that they actually pay out 12% (in the Netherlands it's 8%). Unfortunately I don't get it. Because I wasn't paid until January I haven't earned anything over 2012. So, no holiday money for me. 

The second unfortunately is the fact that I do have a holiday coming up. Starting Monday in fact. Three weeks in total. And of those three weeks, I will be working for two! Basically because I can't afford to be free for so long. Don't get me wrong, I will be paid during a holiday, but no overtime or no late/early/split shift bonus. Which can make quite a difference. 

I have a budget to work with. And my budget takes a certain number as base. If I earn less than that amount, the budget goes out of the window. Three weeks holiday means below budget, means no food or petrol or even worse: rent. 

Mind you, I don't really mind working for the next two weeks. I will after all have one week off. A week in which my parents will descend upon my home. I might need a holiday afterwards!


  1. Well, enjoy your week. Next year will be better.

  2. Only 12 % ? We get 80 % of our salary as vacation pay, + our monthly salary of course. Even the retired people get payed holidays ! (pécule de vancances)

  3. Enjoy your week and hope you have a great visit with your parents.


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