Sunday, 9 June 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-12

Did you ever pretend you were the traindriver and use all the dining chairs as the carriages? I don't think I ever did, although we did build a 'house' under the table. 

Anyway, today's photo is taken in my garden and features my new dining room chairs. I had a dining table, but no chairs. So, when a colleague said a friend of hers had a table in the offering... I have two tables now and six chairs: four that belong to the table and two royal (albeit a bit shabby) ones. The last two will go upstairs and will only come downstairs when needed. I just need to clean them, since there's quite a bit of dry mould on them.


  1. I remember playing "train" with my brother Clint when we were little. I don't remember if we lined up the chairs ourselves the first time, or if Dad did it for us, but we had vivid imaginations.
    You're all set to have dinner parties now!
    I'm going to put my dining room table (mine, I had it for years before I met Dick) into our yard sale this month because we don't really have room for it and seldom have people over for meals. If we do, Dick has a folding table he uses in his work sometimes, and it will look fine if I use the long tablecloths I use on my present table. Sigh.
    Glad you're whipping yourself into shape up there in The Great White North.
    Luv, K

  2. No I never played with the dining room chairs. Actually you just sparked a memory for me. My parents had a large organ in the area that was supposed to be a dining room so we only had the area off the kitchen.
    Those chairs are lovely and I hope they clean up really nice for you.

  3. Your garden looks so lush and green. Your dining room tables look more posh than mine! Mine look quite nice but are not so formal with the high backs. But they are not so comfortable to sit on so we had to buy well padded cushions for each one. You're really getting well established in your new surroundings.

  4. Norway seems to be a little America concerning drinking. That's why the Scandinavians are drinking so much over here ! Far more then all the others !
    My bronchitis is over and I found my energy again ! Catching up a little on blogfriends lives !


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