Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Little update

No, I still don't have my own internet and it might actually be my own fault. Something to do with mail and things: I had been sent a letter instead of them calling me! Of course the letter didn't arrive and I never knew anything about them not being able to offer me internet. Which means that none of the other providers will be able either. Apart from one, which I will have to phone tomorrow. Hopefully they can help me. Otherwise I will scream!

On Saturday we had a staff surprise party. Gathering at a pub, taking a boat and going to one of the islands near to Haugesund. We had Bacalao (something Spanish/Norwegian with fish that apparently not many Norwegians like) and we saw the St Hans fire. St Hans is the Norwegian Midsummer. In my mind Midsummer is on the same day all over the Northern Hemisphere, but not according to Norwegians. They celebrate it on June 23rd!

While at the party I talked French with the wife of one of my colleagues. Apart from a few slip-ups I was alright. And if the slip-ups were in Norwegian, it wasn't a big problem: she speaks Norwegian as well! I was happy to be able to get proper sentences out though, very relieved. 

Talking about languages: I finished my Norwegian course. Honestly, I don't feel I learned that much, partly to do with the fact that I was faster than the other three (they had only been in Norway over 10 years each), both in understanding and writing. Partly to do with the fact that we only really had three months. Ah well, the teacher gave me some course work that I could do at home, so that is good. 

My furniture is finally all gathered in one place again. There was a bit of huffing and puffing and occasional swearing while we were trying to get some things upstairs, but we managed. The big dresser I used to have in the living room is now in the hallway and it is a bit big. It fits and there is enough space left, it just looks too much. The daughter of my helping friend might be interested and she can have it, no money asked!

The large wardrobe is still in pieces and will remain that way: there is no way I can put it together upstairs and having a wardrobe in the hallway is just silly. The wood is still good though, so I might actually use it to make some bookcases. Use the doors as the sides and the remaining wood as the shelves. 

First however there is one more week of work to go. And when I say work, I mean work. Long hours, short breaks. Ah well, it keeps me out of trouble. I hope! On Saturday evening I will get my first visitors to my new home: the parental units. They will be driving up to Norway, which means I have sent them quite a wish list of things to take along to me. Stroopwafels and custard powder amongst them. 


  1. Aww - you are really settling in. Having the parents (parental units - snort) to stay will be lovely. You will be proud, they will be relieved - good all round. You sound happy:-)

  2. Yes, it will be wonderful for you to have your parents visit.
    I like the big dresser in the hall. I'd leave it there if I were you. But then you'd have to be me, which you might not care to do. LOL
    I love the photo of the two children at the top of your blog.
    And aren't you lucky to be getting time off to entertain your visiting ancestors? They don't know me, but tell them I'm very glad they're able to visit you.
    Luv, K

  3. I love that dresser! It would be an antique over here. Is that hand carving?
    Have a great time with your family -- enjoy them. Generations always do things different ways, but they have to let you be you and you have to let them be them. Grandmother talking here!

  4. What's up with the internet problems?

  5. I see you have done a lot ! Big furniture is always a problem when the rooms are small. Bacalao is very famous in Italy ! They even sell it here on the market. I don't like it, Mr. G. loves it.


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