Saturday, 8 June 2013


It is almost the meaning of life. But not quite. Just one short. And to be honest: I don't mind it at all. Because after the first 20 I had had enough. But I was only halfway through the shift. The shift of toing and froing the 800 meters. 

It was fun though. I got a lovely photo taken by a colleague (see top) at the beginning of my stretch. Had a few laughs with some children on the bus. Saw a mini viking and a lot of big vikings. Tried to speak German (and completely failed, more on that in a later post). 

I saw Avaldsnes Church 41 times today!
The last thing of the day was take back some very disappointed English people. I knew they couldn't get beer after a certain time in this country, even if the supermarket is still open. I thought it was 8pm, but that is only on weekdays. On Saturdays it's 6pm. So, they were a bit dejected. Now they had to do their partying with 4 liters of red wine, 4 liters of white wine and a bottle of wodka. I've partied on less!

Anyway, time passed quicker than I had thought possible. My overtime note is written and I will be heading home. With a little detour to the Mac probably. I am in the mood for bad food!


  1. Love that photo of you, Mara.
    Glad the time passed quickly. Too funny, seeing one church 41 times in a day.
    Glad you are well (you're looking great).
    Luv, Kay and Dick and Lindy

  2. 41 times....way to go! Glad you love your job so much. Love the photo of you. Those are strange laws on the liquor but I could certainly have a good time with what they had to party with!

  3. I didn't know Norway was so tight about alcohol.


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