Friday, 9 March 2012

Present and accounted for

You might wonder where I might have been over the last few days, but don't worry, I have been working (the joy) and being at home. However I didn't much feel for spending time behind my computer, hence I didn't spend time behind the computer.

This is so annoying: I had finished this post completely and was about to stick a photo in, when the whole thing got stuck! So, in a nutshell:

Saturday: last staff party ever organised by me. We went out for dinner and then bowling. I was rubbish! Sunday: day off. Monday: boring work again. Tuesday: I took 48 out of the about 50,000 striking special education teachers to Amsterdam. It took 430 coaches about 32 minutes to clear the parking lot after the event had finished. Wednesday: I had to train someone on the job. Awful! Thursday: I drove for Anouk (Dutch singer) who had a concert in the Gelredome. Friday: today: work. Saturday: tomorrow: work. Sunday: off!

The thing that was worst of this week however, was that it was the week the World Championships Biathlon were held. And I missed most of it due to work. Next time I plan a holiday I will need to check the biathlon site as well.

Oh, and what is with this blogger thing now? It can't keep up with my typing. When it saves (about every ten seconds), it will stop me from typing. Very annoying. 


  1. to me it sounds quiet interesting to empty a parking lot of 430 coaches, lol !

  2. Wow, sure am glad you're so happy. LOL
    Luv, K

  3. Since I've just come back to Blogger, your comments don't inspire confidence. :)

  4. Tuesday sounds like a very busy day! Never liked training people either.


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