Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another one

Tower Bridge. Photo taken during same trip last year.
As you know I was away last week (to Normandy, which I loved) and this coming week I will be away from home as well. To London this time with the same school as last year. Actually this is the fourth year I will be driving them to London. Which I love. I even made it into the trip's booklet, albeit with a bit of a bad photo. Although my friend Pepperfly (who is responsible for it) told me it would only be a pleasant surprise if they then saw me in real life. Hm, not convinced...

Anyway, today I will be spending doing the laundry, getting food for the monsters and making sure their litterboxes are nice and clean and fresh. Not forgetting to unblock their pathway to them, otherwise I will come back to another case of sofapoop (not a good way of coming home I can tell you). Talking of monsters, Wuppie is retreating a bit into himself. His ear is bothering him a bit because it has become completely swollen now. According to Pepperfly (two mentions in one post, I mustn't overdo it), it can take up to a month to drain away again. Poor mite.

I will be taking my baby with me and hope the wifi in the hotel we always stay in is better than the wifi last week. That way I might regale you with fantastic stories about London. Or something else of course.


  1. I hope the hotel you will stay in has good wifi, but it will not be The Glendevon. It was already overbooked or something like that. You will be in another hotel, but I've heard the pub is at crawling distance.

  2. And again: I'm really sorry I am such a bad photo picker. I'm sure they will love you anyway (how can they NOT love you???)

    Have fun. Very, very, very much fun. Say hi to Iris, and Tom, and all the other kids from H3A of last year. They will be delighted I'm not there to bully them around. ;-)

  3. Are you going to London you lucky girl ?

    It's really strange this swollen ear of
    Wuppie ! Never heard such a thing.

  4. ah sofapoop. Isn't it amazing what cats can do when they are really really ticked off? lol.

  5. Have a good trip. I hope the cats, especially Wuppie, adjust to your absence.

  6. Wish we could have meet last year when I visited London. I loved it!
    Have a great time and I am a tad jealous :)


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