Monday, 12 March 2012

It was worth a try!

Left ear up, right ear drooping
When I came home this morning carrying the pet carrier, I think Wuppie knew what side his bread was buttered on, because he made a beeline to anywhere but me. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this one he had sussed within a second flat! Unfortunately for him of course I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and stuck him in the carrier anyway. (Yes, I am a big meanie)

It only needed to stay on for a week...
At the vet's it was our turn to go in almost immediately and after quite a thorough examination of eyes, ears and heart, the vet still hadn't found any sign of an ear infection. She thought the hematoma might also come from a scratch, but couldn't find any signs of that either. Anyway, she got the syringe out, drained the ear of its blood and then proceeded to tape the ear to his head. That way he couldn't impersonate Dombo anymore (ie flap his ear). It needed to stay on for a week and if it came off before then, I could replace it myself.

No medication was required and with a very sorry kitty I left the vet's clinic again. I took some photos as we got home and then I let him loose to show his 'war wounds' to Linette. By the time I came into the room about a minute later, he had gotten rid of most of the bandage! So, I decided to get rid of it completely and replacing it is probably not such a good idea either, because unless I have him in my sight 24/7, it will be off again before I have turned my back.

So, now he has a flat ear again, but the chances are, it will fill up with blood again. Surgery is not really necessary right now, but I will have to stay vigilant. Silly Wuppie!


  1. Cats are too stupid for their own good. Luv them anyway.

  2. I admire your vet, he/she is an opptimist as if a cat would leave such a strange thing on its ear unless you put a "Tudor" collar around his neck, but I also think it will heal from alone. Strange thing !

  3. I just read all your updates on Wuppie. I hope his ear isn't hurting him! He is so CUTE!

  4. Oh poor Wuppie. I've read the previous posts about his ear too and am feeling very sorry for him. Still, if it was nothing worse that caused his dizziness... It could have been worse I guess. And of course he wouldn't leave the tape on. Silly vet.

  5. I think he needs one of those cones they put on their necks!


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