Friday, 25 November 2011


Late August a colleague of mine went to see a doctor about some swelling in his groin area. A few days later he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Unfortunately not in the early stages, because it had already spread to the blood and bones, but the doctors still gave him 9 months, more if the medication would work. His weight kept dropping though, since he couldn't keep his food down and he was admitted to hospital with severe dehydration.

While in hospital they discovered it had also spread to his brain and the nine months was quickly changed into a couple of weeks. He passed away on Monday. Today all the colleagues from our lot said goodbye to him for the last time. He will be very much missed.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. Cold comfort I know, but sometimes it is easier on everyone, including the patient, if they go quickly. My best friend went two weeks after her first chemo. I still can't believe she's gone. Blessings and prayers, Mara.

  2. Oh, Mara, I'm so sorry.
    Tomorrow a friend is taking me to attend a memorial gathering for a long-time friend and co-worker. There will be many former colleagues there, and more than a few tears, bit I'll be sure to think of you and your co-workers losing Laurens.
    Take care.
    Luv, K

  3. Oh my goodness, how awful to die in such a short time and that nothing could have been done anymore.
    I always say men also should go regularly to an urologist as we women do with the gynecologist. Unfortunately they don't. My husband had prostata cancer, but it was detected in time and it's OK now it was 9 years ago.
    You must all feel pretty bad !

  4. My condolences. It does take some people quickly.

  5. My condolences Mara. Cancer is a nasty disease. Creeps up on you and can go unnoticed for far too long.

    Big hug,

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember you mentioning your colleague when he was first diagnosed. One of Ed's friends from work just died suddenly in his sleep. It's never easy.


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