Sunday, 27 November 2011


And there I was on Friday, sitting in church when all of a sudden my phone went off. Fortunately it happened before the service and I turned it off immediately (others hadn't been so clever or thoughtful). When I finally remembered I had received a text it was well after the service and it was from my sister-in-law: whether I would like to come to the birthday party of her youngest. Which of course I had completely forgotten about, since I forget about a lot of birthdays.

Anyway, I phoned my parents yesterday morning to ask whether they were taking the train or car and when it turned out the were driving, I asked them to come pick me up as well. So, off we all went to my brother and his family.

My youngest niece had turned three and was very happy to receive all those gifts. Although at first she was a bit confused 'because she hadn't put her shoe out the night before'. In the Netherlands we celebrate St Nicholas on December 5th and in the weeks leading up to that day, children all over the country will put out their shoe, containing wish lists, carrots and hay (for his horse) and the next morning there will be a little present in said shoe. But she wasn't one to shy away from presents and when there were none more coming, she found a mug and some wrapping paper to make her own present! So cute...

Unfortunately my parents couldn't drop me off at home at night, so I took the bus home, which of course had left five minutes before I arrived at the busstation! Or so it seemed to me. Never mind though, I had to get some money, find a toilet and I wanted something to drink anyway. And I did make it home in time for my favourite Saturday show of the moment: Strictly Come Dancing. Yea...


  1. So ... where does that elephant come into it?

  2. Woohooo!!!! Strictly Come Dancing! Yes! Who's your favourite? Curious who will leave the show tonight (if it's up to me: Robbie).

    Anyway, isn't life weird sometimes. From funerals to birthdays. The end and almost beginning of life all in one day.

    Word verification: froggie (awww, cute), not elephant ;-)

  3. There is a woman who writes about that show. We have Dancing with the Stars here. How could you not remember her birthday? Each year I sit down with my new calendar and fill in the birthday dates from my previous calendar. That way I never forget! I grew up with the tradition of Dec. 5th and did it for my children. Hope to do it for my grandchildren someday.

  4. I love the elephants on the Dutch streets.
    A birthday party for a 3-year-old is a treat for everyone involved!
    How is your Norwegian vocabulary coming along? I'm still sure it is easier to speak Canajun.
    Luv, K

  5. If my phone went off in church they would probably shun me because some of my ringtones are by marilyn manson. cant help it, i like his music.


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