Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Admitting defeat

Those are two of the three words I know in Norwegian. But it's not something you can use in every day life of course, unless it's Christmas all year round (it means merry Christmas)! So, I have ordered a Norwegian course to learn the language, so I won't have to say God Jul all day every day!!

And the reason I did that? Well, I think I can safely say Canada is a no-go. I always knew it was going to be extremely difficult and that the chances of me finding work there were always slim, but I tried my best and in the end... I failed. I talked it over with my mum and even though she feels sorry I haven't reached my goal, she is secretly (and not so secretly) really happy Canada is out. Norway is of course a. closer and b. it's closer and most importantly c. it's closer.

Now before you start thinking any strange things about how I can suddenly shift my focus from one to the other, it's not so sudden and it's not so different. Let me explain...

The up sides about Canada: it's roomy, the weather, nature, they speak English, the cost of living is somewhat lower and according to some who shall remain unnamed (Kay, you know who you are), there are wild animals roaming free!
The down sides: it's far, it's hard to emigrate to, I wouldn't be able to do my preferred job and I would earn a lot less than in the Netherlands.

The up sides about Norway: it's roomy, most of the weather, nature, I would be able to do my preferred job, I would earn more, it's easier to move to and it's closer. Oh, and biathlon is one of the national sports!!!
The down sides: the cost of living is higher and they speak Norwegian, which is a language I don't speak (yet).

All in all, weighing up the pros and cons (there are a few more, but I don't want this to become one of those mile long posts), I think Norway would suit me quite nicely. As long as I get that language learnt of course. Fortunately I have a knack for languages, or so I am told and I do speak Dutch and German and English and I understand Frisian, so it shouldn't be too hard (she says...).

So, now you know.

PS: I just thought about this tattoo thingy. If I were to make my new life in Norway, there is no way I will get a troll tattooed on my shoulder!


  1. Your loss is our loss. :(

    Good luck in the next phase.

  2. Ah, but where will the troll be tattooed then?

  3. Norway will be better all round than Canada - it is still much larger than the Netherlands but also as your mum says much closer. I hope your move there works out for you.

  4. I'm sad that we (Canada) are not going to benefit from your obvious talents but I wish you all the best in Norway.

  5. I am happy for your mum but sad for you! Rats. It sounds like you are making the best of the situation, though. Good for you!

  6. Too bad Canada isn't going to be an option for you anymore, but you tried your best.

    Norway is beautiful, and, yes, closer, and, yes, I always wanted to visit Norway, so...

    The language isn't going to be any problem for you, I'm sure of that. Good luck!

  7. Oh. I'm not anonymous. Ofcourse.

  8. But some trolls are adorable! I am so sorry that Canada didn't work our for you. Had to laugh at the wild animals. Don't you have any in your country? I wish you success in you new venture.

  9. I have lived in Canada and visited Norway. Norway is BEAUTIFUL! But Canada does have hot summers. The beauty in Canada is mostly in the west and far east. Norway is VERY expensive, so check into that carefully and be sure you can handle the long dark winter days. The beauty in Norway though is a definite plus to offset the negatives.

  10. Good luck with Norway, Mara. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you here, though.

  11. Sad for you ! but Norway ??? that's the last country I would choose for living ! Dark cold winters, short daylight, and lots of other things I learned from Norvegians living in Waterloo !
    I really can't imagine you in Norway !! But you always learn only by own experience.
    I wouldn't "imigrate" to Germany either, lol !


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