Friday, 4 November 2011

Coffee Klatch 3

A bucket list she asks for! A bucket list!! (imagine my voice going up a bit now) But then again, it was easy for me this week, since I've got a bucket list all ready and waiting to get out of that bucket. Which is a weird thing to say in the first place. Bucket list. Anyway, here's mine!

This is more my size of horse!
Learn how to tapdance
When I was younger I was allowed to take tapdancing classes, but unfortunately I had to go to bible class. Since they were on the same night...
Learn how to ride a horse
Even though the horse I have been on was huge, I think there must be smaller ones out there. A shetland pony or something similar!
Do a sky-dive
Not really sure about this one, but once I get over the fear of jumping of the high board in the swimming pool, I might give this one a try.
Do a bungee-jump
See above!

Have tea at the Ritz in London
Ever since the doorman at the Ritz saved my life (or so it felt at the time, he only pointed me in the direction of home), I've wanted to go there some day and take tea! With scones and sandwiches and such...
Have a professional photo-shoot
Fancy clothes, great make-up, possibly a handsome model to pose with, what's not to like?
Learn how to play a musical instrument
I've tried the recorder and I've tried that Irish flute, but the only sound I have produced was a high screechy sound. I won't be playing in the Boston Philarmonic any time soon...
Emigrate to Canada
If you don't know this by now, you haven't been reading my blog at all and I suggest you go back to all the posts about me wanting to emigrate to Canada!

Own a bright pink car
And I mean properly pink. None of that baby pink for me.
Get a tattoo
I did! I got myself a tattoo!
Go mud-flat hiking
One of the great mucky things to do that sounds like it's great (albeit cold) fun. One day though, one day...

The next question was about my favourite candy. Well, when I was younger I used to love liquorice all-sorts, although I tended to pick those awful coconutty jobbies out of there: yuck! Nowadays, jellybeans I love, but since my stomach doesn't...

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  1. I would love to sky-dive and bungee jump and I would if it came with a guarantee that I wouldn't die!!! So lets have tea at the Ritz, that does sound like fine.
    Have a nice weekend Mara.

  2. Which Ritz?
    If you jump, I won't watch. I can't even handle watching strangers jump. If airline passengers had parachutes and I had a choice between jumping out of a plane or crashing, I'd jump, but for no other reason. All we have are lifejackets, which are only any good if you can get out of a plane over water. Once we're underwater, it's not much use.
    I hope you can move to Canada.

  3. Your bucket list is scarier to me than mine. (Does that even make sense?) Sky dive??? That's way too scary for me. And bungee jumping - so not going to happen.

  4. Bungee jumping??? I can hardly bear to watch them on TV. But then you are an adventurous spirit. I think I've told you that before. Tea at the Ritz had better be as good as the prices. I've done that once in a while in some fancy hotels over here. Not worth the effort. Someone needs to teach these people how to bake scones!

  5. I don't suppose it counts when someone you've met already has done a couple of those things?
    And my brother used to own a pink car. I'm serious. It was a huge car (don't remember the make), top half was pink and bottom half off-white. And it had silver stars studded on the sides. It was quite a unique car ;-)

    Good luck with completing the bucket list. Hope you'll be able to tick off the Canadian move soon ;-)

  6. My advice would be to do some of the more physical things soon if they're really important to you because you can't be sure how your body will hold up.

  7. Yikes a tatoo ! I see tatoos here mostly English men, now 70 years old. These are rather wrinkled tatoos and when you see on a big belly "I love mom" it looks very sexy !

  8. Seems like you are yearning for some adventure in your life. 2 of my children have gone sky-diving ... maybe I could do that, but not sure about the Bungee Jumping.
    Have a good week Mara!
    Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee!


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